Download free chess software for your PC!

Free chess programs that offer great value deserve to be mentioned here. Here are a few select tools that we have located that may fill a specific need of yours.

Print Diagrams:


  • Feature-rich chess game viewer and editor
  • Create and manage chess databases With search function and multi-game tools
  • Create richly annotated games and diagrams and print them, or use them in WordPad, Word, or HTML-pages
  • Use chess engines (Winboard/UCI) for playing and analysis


Play Chess:

Shredder 10

Download and try Shredder 10 Chess Software. This powerful software leads rating lists and is one of the best chess programs for PCs. Powerful chess play with easy handling - adjust to any playing strength. Coach alerts your mistakes and helps you improve! It's a trial version.


Shane's Chess Information Database (SCID)

Shane's Chess Information Database is an open source UNIX, Windows, Linux, and Mac application for viewing and maintaining huge databases of chess games. It has features comparable to popular commercial chess software.