Order Replacement Chess Pieces

Often we can help you source replacement chess pieces for your chess set since we hold a fairly comprehensive parts supply in the warehouse. If you ordered your set here, there's a good chance a part can be sourced. We can easily check your order history.

If the set was not purchased from Chess House, we make no guarantees but we can try to help!

Email us with specifics about your piece request including

    • Part number or Name of set in our catalog
    • Which piece(s) are needed

    If you haven't identified the set, include

    • any details you can provide such as a link to a website with a photo
    • measurements in inches of base diameter and King height
    • photo of pieces and set including a side profile photo of all 6 unique pieces

    If we can identify the piece and provide a suitable match, you'll receive the information needed to complete the order.

    To send your email with an attachment, click the Help link in the lower right corner of the site.


    Bulk Club Chess Pieces

    If you are looking for replacement club chess pieces in larger supply, you can purchase Solid Plastic Individual Chess Pieces

    If you need a handful of replacement club pieces and we have them in stock, we can also include those for free with an order. Just ask.