Order Replacement Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are often in need of replacement because both people AND pets love to play with the game.

We keep a good stock of individual chess pieces for replacement so that when the need arises, you can quite easily and affordably get replacements.

First, search our online inventory of replacement chess pieces

If you ordered your set at Chess House, we can also help by reviewing your purchase history going back up to 15 years. We'll be able to quickly identify what you need.

If you didn't order from Chess House, we can still try to help. Email us with specifics including any part number, names, or identifying info.

If you haven't identified the set, include

  • any details you can provide such as a link to a website with a photo
  • measurements in inches of base diameter and King height
  • photo of pieces and set including a side profile photo of all 6 unique pieces

If we can identify the piece and provide a suitable match, you'll receive the information needed to complete the order.

To send your email with an attachment, click the Help link in the lower right corner of the site.

Bulk Club Chess Pieces

If you are looking for replacement club chess pieces in larger supply, you can purchase Solid Plastic Individual Chess Pieces

If you need a handful of replacement club pieces and we have them in stock, we can also include those for free with an order. Just ask.