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You're about to find the ideal chess set for your home, school, organization... or wherever you uniquely share the game!

Over my 20 years and 1000's of hours speaking with people like you, I have learned what's exceptional... and what's not! You'll soon discover why this is key to your finding a chess set that's long lasting and suitable!

We're "hands-on" with the office and warehouse in Lynden, Washington... committed to excellence, doing the right thing, and letting our passion show.

Over time, I'll show you some proven and often exclusive products in unique and interesting ways.

We want to earn your trust and delight you. Being smaller than corporate giants lets us be experts in this field and serve you better.

As you'll see from frequent testimonials and comments, you'll find the ideal chess set, grow skills and confidence, and enjoy the journey!

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Raphael Neff
Chess House co-founder, owner, and fellow enthusiast.

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