17" Classroom Chess Set

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3 3" Plastic Club Chess Pieces

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About The 17" Classroom Chess Set


These 3" chess pieces are slightly smaller than the standard size club chessmen (3 3/4") used primarily in classrooms, clubs, events. The benefit of this size is that they are large enough to grasp by youth or adults, yet small enough to be suited to the 17" chessboard size. This means you can have more sets per playing area and fit any desks that are not large enough for a full size board.

  • 3" King Height
  • 1 1/4" King Base
  • 32 pieces, No extra Queens
  • Paper felt bases


This vinyl roll-up board is a few inches smaller than the full size standard, therefore ideal for classrooms that have smaller table surfaces or any time a more compressed layout of chess piece is needed. Thin, durable, and lightweight, they can be easily roll-up to a carry bag or stored flat.

3" club pieces are preferred with this board, resulting in comfortable spacing. Full size 3 3/4" club pieces will also work fine.


  • Board size: 17"
  • Square size: 1 7/8"  (1.875)


Zip it up and protect your chess set. This padded bag works great for storing small sets that are 3.75" or less. This bag has a quality look and feel with extra protection in the padded interior. If you want to store a larger set you'll need two of these bags or another style.


  • Bag size: 9.5" by 7.5"

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brad Burt
Not sure what more you could want for the price!

Great set. "Board" is flexible and lays out flat with ease. The pieces are very nice solid feeling plastic. Love it. Again, not sure what one would expect for such a low and reasonable price. I have all three sizes now and it's very handy.

Nice Product & Great Customer Service

I ordered this set as I wanted something compact and easy to fit in a suitcase. But I didn't want a set so small that it was hard to see/manipulate. When I received my order I thought that the chess pieces were smaller than I expected. I called customer service and explained the situation. The customer service agent said that I had accidentally been sent pieces that were too small and that he would arrange to send me the correct pieces right away. When he described the pieces I decided I wanted something a little heavier. So he made some suggestions and I upgraded my set. So overall great customer service.