17" Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board

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Color: Green

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About The 17" Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board

This vinyl roll-up board is a few inches smaller than the full size standard, therefore ideal for classrooms that have smaller table surfaces or any time a more compressed layout of chess piece is needed. Thin, durable, and lightweight, they can be easily roll-up to a carry bag or stored flat.

3" club pieces are preferred with this board, resulting in comfortable spacing. Full size 3 3/4" club pieces will also work fine.

  • Board size: 17"
  • Square size: 1 7/8" (1.875)

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Peter L.
17" Vinyl Board

Delivered on time with no issues. The playing surface of 17" is beneficial when playing on smaller table. Product is what I expected. Chess House - are there any options for a 17" mousepad board with 2" squares?

Look elsewhere

I'm sorry to say that I'm not really enjoying this board. The green squares have a rough texture which prevents nice sliding of pieces and the edges seem to curl up naturally. I know this product can be better because other vinyl boards I've experienced do not behave this way.

Adrian Valle
Smaller board

Good size and color, the darker color really distract me but this grey is perfect!

Great small vinyl board

I bought 3. I uploaded pics with different chess pieces so you can see. They are great with chess pieces that have a king base between 1.25" - 1.625". First picture is a set of german knight pieces 3.75" king height and king base of 1.5". Second set of pieces have a 3.25" king height and 1.25" king base. Third picture is a set of Staunton No. 6 chess pieces with 3.9" king height and 1.375" king base.

Mario Benavidez
Great smaller board!

Occasionally when playing cafes the tables are smaller and a tournament size board won’t fit. So this 17” board is perfect for that situation! I roll it with the 20” board and I’m always ready!