20" Premium Quality Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board (USA)

Product Code: E010A-0006

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Product Details

USA Quality vinyl board - now available in 4 colors!

Choose this 20" vinyl chess board, the standard in chess competition and club play throughout North America. It's great for home use, or anywhere you want to play a game of chess. Long lasting, USA made vinyl roll-up chess boards have a superior look and feel. Cloth-backed and silk screened in the USA on automobile grade, 32oz vinyl, the board will last for years and years! The slight increase in thickness ensures that your board will stay flat, yet easily roll up for storage in any one of the chess equipment bags. Kids love these wrinkle and curl-resistant chess boards which will last years with a reasonable amount of care. Simply roll the board up with the squares facing to the outside and every time you play it will lay flat.

We recommend green unless you specifically prefer another color, say, for your school's color. But green is the most relaxing for the eyes, so that's why we suggest you choose green.


  • Board size: 20" x 20"
  • Square size: 2 1/4"
  • Piece recommendation: Quality Club Special Chess Pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
The Best

It's worth paying a few dollars more for these ones. The backing is stronger and made of a tough cloth, whereas the cheaper ones are basically a vinyl sheet. The color is great too. I have no complaints. Would buy again.

Great item but will it improve my game?

Nice looking chess board, I bought it for my grandson but when I saw it I also bought another like it for our cottage. Fast service.

Best customer service

Great item. Had a question regarding the board and chesshouse.com replied within an hour. Exceptional customer service. Thank you!


I like the green compared to my black vinyl board, green is easier to see when you have white and black pieces ,highly recommend green rather then black vinyl do not forget the carry bag for you pieces I have one I've had for 15 years great way to carry your pieces.

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