21" Folding Hardwood Player's Chessboard JLP, USA

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About The 21" Folding Hardwood Player's Chessboard JLP, USA

Now you can fold the Player's hardwood board for more compact storage or easier transport! This design is very original in that the seam runs vertically with the grain making it nearly invisible when viewed from a several feet away. There is no loss to the square size and the hinges are also invisible. Plus, closing the board is simply lifting one side and closing it like a book. There is no need to lift the entire board before closing it. Likewise, when you lay it on the table surface, just open it like a book and set up your pieces.

Players, admirers, and those who enjoy well-made USA products will appreciate the superior workmanship and finish evident in the Player's Chess Board.  The Player's board uniquely features decorative grooves running along the squares perimeter, beveled stylish edge, and engraved two emblems in corners to the player's right. Precision aligned hardwood block construction is given multiple protective finishes for a distinctive, luxuriously smooth surface. It is handcrafted in Pennsylvania from locally sourced premium walnut and maple woods.

The JLP has gained significant attention among collectors and players seeking a superb chessboard that's not only a pleasure to use but will also last for decades. Those who have owned a classic Drueke chessboard will note remarkable similarity.

The 21" Folding Hardwood Player's Board It's ready to pair with a variety of suitably sized chess pieces as shown in the suggest customize options on this page.

Features and Specs
- Solid maple and walnut
- Invisible barrel hinge and tight seam
- Grooved perimeter
- Edge bevel
- Corner logos
- 21" Square
- 2" squares
- 3/4" thickness
- Folded measurements: 21" x 10.75" x 1.5"
- Most 3 3/4" chessmen ideal

The Craft
John has a rich woodworking heritage in the state of Pennsylvania. Originally from Switzerland, the skills were passed down through five generations. This lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge of wood behavior. For example every design must be carefully planned with the appropriate wood selection and cuts to account for variations in humidity that cause natural expansion and contraction of wood. To craft a wood product that will last for generations, John gives great attention to every phase of production including wood selection, drying, cutting, curing, crafting, and the multi-step finishing process that results in the smooth, elegant, lustrous finish for which the JLP products are known. Every product is personally overseen by John and must meet his standards before releasing them to Chess House.

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
21” JLP wooden folding chessboard

Beautiful looking Chess Board

Joseph Ford
Workman ship is beautiful.

A solid wood board is simply a work of art. Something easy for storage or to be left out as a center piece. Unlike most other fordable boards, the line down the center is almost invisible. The care and craftsmanship makes this a suitable chess centerpiece.

Absolutely beautiful board.

I have for most of my life owned rubberized boards/cheap wood boards, and never really took the game seriously enough to drop a lot of money for a quality board until I joined the Navy, and realized how many other sailors enjoy Chess as much as I do. And to compliment our shared love of the game, I couldn't help but purchase something not only nice for myself, but to catch the eyes of other service members that want to play! Paired with a beautiful set of luxary ebonized boxwood pieces, this board is absolutely FANTASTIC, and with the extra benefit of being able to fold it.

As mentioned, being able to fold this board helps me greatly when traveling, as Navy travels often and paired with a nice carrying bag, it's easibly transferable. Would absolutely reccomend this board to anyone who wants something that is very high quality and has the added benefit to fold and travel with! WILL BUY AGAIN! :)

Bryan Brock
High quality piece

This is one heavy board. The hinges are a super cool addition to a hearty board. Makes it way easier to transport. When open you have to look hard to notice the seam. I use a 3.75” King chess set and I would defiantly consider going larger (4”) as this board can dwarf the pieces.

Sean C.
The finest board I’ve seen!

This board is beautifully crafted and the innovative hinge design allows for compact storage without compromising the smooth playing surface when unfolded. The 2.25” squares work well with pieces with a 3.75” king and the walnut and maple provide nice contrast with boxwood and ebony/ebonized pieces. I could not be happier with the board or the incredible customer service!