3 3/4" Commander Staunton Chess Set

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About The 3 3/4" Commander Staunton Chess Set

Commander Staunton triple-weighted set plays with authority. Select a color pair and prepare for memorable battles as you expand your conquest. Great for blitz, long games, club, or home chess.

This combo requires you to select 2 chess pieces colors of your choice (not more than 2 colors!)

  • King: 3 3/4", 1 3/4" base, 2.2oz
  • Pawn height: 2 1/8", 8oz
  • Entire chess set weight: 2lb 12oz
  • 2 extra Queens
  • A word about piece finish quality. These pieces are enjoyed by most chess players. However it's not for those expecting a perfect mirror finish or collectable chess set. These pieces are designed to be played. Every piece has minor mold lines and blue/red colored pieces are more susceptible to minor scuffing and may need surface buffing from time to time.


  • Board size: 20" x 20"
  • Square size: 2 1/4"
  • Select your color from options shown



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Square Size

Customer Reviews

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Kerry Keltz
3 3/4" Commander Staunton Chess Set

The set arrived fast. The pieces are very nice. Perfect size and weight for play outside. Love the piece recognition anywhere on the board.
The green and white vinyl board was a little smelly, but I soaked it in soapy water, let it dry and air out and most of the smell went away.

John Cook
Happy chess player!

I bought this 3-3/4 Staunton set and it was delivered in 3-days, along a green and white board and a grey bag. I’m very pleased with this heavily weighted set. Nice quality for the price.

Fredric Bender

Bought for my 8 year old grand daughter. I hope to teach her the game over the years to come. This weighted set suitable for tourneys I hope she will have for her entire life. I got one like it for myself back in the Bobby Fischer heydays of the 1970's and still use it when I play a human across the board. My old set is not as heavily weighted as this one here I am reviewing and my white pieces are more white. I like these offwhite pieces better than my more white ones, not as much eye strain.

Poor Quality

The vinyl chess board is very stinky, made the entire room unbearable for a long while. Both black and white pieces have scuff marks , in addition to the noticeable mold lines. The loose weights in the pieces are distracting too, not sure if they can be glued back in without further damage. Overall, very disappointed with the quality of this set. There are better chess sets that cost less and come with storage bags.

Frank Tirado