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Product Details

Say hello to the 4.5" American Adios Designed Padauk Chess pieces and goodbye to mediocrity!

Elaborate stepped collars with ridges and grooves are intrinsic and unique to these complex pieces, not to mention the palm branch shaped King's final, cupped Rook and rounded King's head, all nodding to a mix of Arabic and Indian design elements.

Carved and finished by true professionals, this set has unique design features anyone can appreciate, from the solid Triple weighting, extra queens to the quality felt bases. Many quality high end sets have thin elements making them prone to chipping when dropped; however the brilliant 'stepped' design of these pieces helps to ensure that no individual element is overly exposed should a piece fall.  

Features and Specs

  • King height: 4.5" tall
  • King base: 1 7/8"
  • King weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Felted base
  • 32 pieces + 2 extra queens
  • Entire set weight: 3 lbs. 2.8 ounces

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