Bauhaus Chess Set - Board and Pieces

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About The Bauhaus Chess Set - Board and Pieces

This game of chess with clean lines is typical of timeless Bauhaus style. Josef Hartwig's chessmen, designed in 1923, have characteristically reduced forms which, in contrast to commonly used figures, are symbols based purely on the function and form of the maneuver of each piece. Cubes, cylinders and balls lead you move by move to checkmate. The perfect chessboard for the Bauhaus chess pieces features a unique border-less design and compliments the pieces really well.

Bauhaus replicas produced by Naef are classics in the true sense of the word. An archaic use of forms which these objects suggest is characteristic of this collection. Products with the Naef logo (placed in the background) stand for the highest precision and quality in wood processing. Adults and children the world over, are inspired by the harmony of the visible and technical durability of these objects which in turn, encourage creativity and develop the senses during play.

Fascinating, aesthetic, ingenious. The objects possess all these features, yet each one has its own individual character. One first understands this when held in the hand. Apart from the concept behind them, it is the quality of the workmanship which makes Bauhaus play objects so special. Respect for the material, wood and handcrafted with extreme care, result in this unique quality.

  • Board size: 14"
  • Square size: 1.75"
  • 32 pieces + storage box
  • Box size: 17" x 3" x 1.5"
  • King size: 2"
  • Base size: 1" square
  • Made of Maple Wood

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful but expensive

The quality of this set is pretty good, it met my expectations. But I have some remarks about additional costs. My strong advice for the seller would be about widening delivery opportunities, as I had a terrible experience with local representatives of FedEx in Montenegro. It took me more than one month to receive a package after it was already in the country, which was two weeks after the birthday it was aimed for as a present. My overall expenses were about 800 euros for this set, including all custom taxes (they are really high in Montenegro - 21% of the price) and delivery costs (as I paid 46 euros here also, nevertheless shipping costs were included in the original bill).


I am a fan of the Bauhaus philosophy and design. And I really do like the 1922 Josef Hartwig design of this chess set. The simplicity and clean lines of its geometric shapes indicating the movement of the pieces still feels refreshing 100 years after its introduction.

I also appreciate Naef must have followed the original design templates of Hartwig's design - though it's still a surprise to realise how small and light the pieces are 'in the flesh'. A light sneeze would have them tumbling all over the board - they are obviously un-weighted. No felt on the pieces either (as per the original spec I imagine). So, compared to the equally iconic Man Ray chess set they feel very light, cheap and flimsy in the hand and on the board. They do come with an ingenious wooden storage case though.

I suppose why I feel disappointed is because of the expectations I had after reading the reviews .. “this beautiful wooden chess set is handcrafted with the highest precision and extreme care” … “it is the outstanding quality of the workmanship, which makes this Bauhaus Chess Set so special” etc. etc. therefore I was obviously expecting something a bit more special, having never seen this chess set up close before.

But it is the outrageous cost that forces me give it only 3 stars out of 5. The Bauhaus school tenets were that an object must be practical, durable, inexpensive and beautiful. Inexpensive!!! It is impossible to justify the over £450 for this chess set and board. The woodwork quality of this chess set and board is pretty basic if we are being honest and they are certainly not objects of high precision or outstanding workmanship. Without the Bauhaus name attached they would struggle to justify a price tag of one fifth of this asking price, especially when compared to the many beautiful chess sets and boards available for £450 which genuinely are made with outstanding workmanship and precision.

Classic chess set

Sets a standard for avant-garde design


beautiful set! and quick delivery. thank you!

Clark Furlow

Great service