Berliner Style Chessmen

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About The Berliner Style Chessmen

Berlin-style chess pieces, also known as Berliner Schachfiguren, are a unique and artistic variation of traditional chess pieces. Originating from Germany, these handcrafted chessmen are renowned for their elegant and distinctive design.

The Berliner chess pieces slender, elongated silhouettes are quite charming. Carved from ebonized and natural boxwood, these pieces showcase wood craftsmanship.

This design is not only historical and artistic, but also functional game pieces that can be both played and proudly displayed.

Whether you're a chess enthusiast or an aficionado of wood craft, Berliner-style chess pieces are a delightful fusion of form and function, bringing elegance to your chessboard and elevating the game to a higher level of aesthetics.

  • Black & Natural Boxwood
  • 4" King height
  • 1.4" King base
  • Double weighted and felted.
  • Set weight 3 lbs.
  • Includes extra queens

Product Specs

King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

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Nice quality but unexpected packaging

Well made, nice finish, nice color, nice felt covered base. The pawns are particularly nice and chubby.

The King and Queen are disproportionate to the rest of the pieces. When standing alongside her Bishop the Queen looks thin and puny, and the King as well. Both of these pieces need to be a bit taller and thicker to match the rest.

If you thought the pieces, at this price point, would come in a nice pouch or box, think again. They come jumbled together in two plastic bags stapled shut inside a foam lined cardboard box. So prepare to shell out for a nice box or pouch if you want to carry them around.
Also, if you expected this set to come with an extra Queen of each color, nope! The description is silent about this, and I had half hoped that at this price they'd be included, but, sadly... no.