Chess Set for the Blind - 3.25 inch King

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Product Details

This set is designed specially for players who are blind or have very limited vision. The set has a number of features to make playing chess enjoyable.

The 12" square wood chess board offers alternating depth squares to help with tactile identification of the square. In the center of the squares are holes for pegs beneath each piece.

The Staunton design plastic pieces with 3" kings have pegs on their base to fit into the 64 holes of the chessboard, keeping them steady in place. The black players pieces have rounded pegs on top for easy identification and the white queen and bishop have their ball removed to prevent accidental mis-identification, a helpful detail.


  • King height: 3 1/4" (black), 3 1/8" (white) with 1 3/8" Bases and .7oz weight
  • Board size: 12" x 12" x 3/4"
  • Square size: 1 3/8" (1.38")
  • Piece set weight 13.9 oz
  • Total set weight: 43 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Spencer Berwick
Good board bad shipping.

The board is lovely and works great. However the shipping is awful they put all the pieces in a plastic ziploc and do not wrap the pieces. When my board arrived I had 5 pieces that were broken as they were just left loose. I had to glue them and drill out the rods in order to fix them. Other than the poor condition the pieces arrived in the board is great and very nice.

Suzi Reaves
Happy with purchase

Love the chess set and the service. My order was shipped and received promptly. The set is good quality for the money and easier to use for my visually impaired child.

Igor Itkin
Just awful. The worst shopping experience I ever had

I can't say anything about the chess set because I never got it.
The service and shipping were just awful because of site/representative mistakes (like 10 days instead of 2-3, wrong tax calculation, my phone w/o the last digit, and so on). Moreover, I lose my money (shipping cost) even though that was their mistake
I will never buy anything here and not advise anyone.

Barbara Johnson
My grandsons’ favorite gift!

This was a hit for my 9 year old grandson who is legally blind, all he wanted was to learn how to play chess!

Carla Stevens
Chess for the blind

Fantastic set and phenomenal service. My husband has Parkinson’s and this set is easy to use.

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