Chess4Life Club Kit with Bags - 10 Sets and a Demonstration Board

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About The Chess4Life Club Kit with Bags - 10 Sets and a Demonstration Board

The club starter package for Chess4Life programs equips you with the starter chess sets and classroom teaching aid for up to 20 students.

It includes ten (10) sets of regulation chess pieces with roll-up vinyl mats and storage bags that are easy to setup and store plus the demonstration board that's essential for teaching concepts to an entire classroom.

If pieces are ever lost, Chess House makes it painless to get replacements any time.

Club Chess Pieces
  • 34 chess pieces (including 2 bonus Queens)
  • King height: 3 3/4"
  • King base: 1 1/2"
  • Set weight: 18.2 oz.
  • Easy piece replacements
Roll-up Chessboard
  • Board size: 20" x 20"
  • 2 1/4" squares
  • Minimal vinyl odor design
  • TIP: if rolling up boards for storage, be sure squares face outward so board lays flat again.
Demonstration Chess Board
  • 28" Wall Hanging
  • 32 Pieces
  • Extra illustration pieces
  • Carrying pouch

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

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Love the sets!
I love the size and quality of the pieces. This is the best value that I’d found while searching online.

Candy LeBeau
Great Starter Kit

I am very pleased with all that was offered in this starter kit. The bags even have room for the clocks I ordered separately.
I can't wait until the fall for our next chess club to begin.