ChessHouse 16" Giant Chess Combo - With Chess Mat

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About The ChessHouse 16" Giant Chess Combo - With Chess Mat

Tons of fun! Entertain for hours and wow onlookers with this affordable medium size giant chess set and chess mat. This 16" set is perfect for parties, the classroom, and the family backyard or patio! All you need is a flat 6 x 6 foot surface such as concrete, lawn or gym floor.

Durable, all weather plastic pieces play very nicely on the 6 foot quick fold nylon chess mat. The size of this set, with a king piece 16" tall, is especially convenient if you find the giant chess (25" King) too large. It's super easy to setup and transport. Lay the board down, set the pieces and voila, start playing! The entire set is delivered in a single box.

  • Quick-fold Mat is 5 1/2 foot square
  • Chess board has 8" squares
  • Comes with drawstring bag
  • Weighs just 1lb.
  • Corner grommets can help secure it in windy areas.
  • Set weight: 24lb
  • 32 chess pieces
  • King: 16", 6 1/8" base, 1.03lb
  • Queen: 14", 5 7/8" base, 1lb
  • Bishop: 12", 5 1/2" base, 14oz
  • Knight: 11", 5 1/4" base, 15oz
  • Rook: 9.5", 5 1/8" base, 9oz
  • Pawn: 8.75", 4 1/8" base, 7oz
  • Box Dimensions: 22" x 19" x 18"

Product Specs

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King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark Dyce
Giant chess set 16”

What to say about this wonderful company. I ordered the chess set for my schools open house. We wanted to leave a mark since this year was out last. We ordered this chess set thinking that it wouldn’t come in time. Shipping was a extra $100 we chose the free shipping option. The package arrived 2 hours before open house. It suppose to arrive a week over. I have nothing but graduated for this company and there diligence!! God bless you

Ana Katina Osth
Big enough?

It was big enough for fun. However, we were looking for a more visually impactful display, and 16" was just not enough. It could have been that our set up was in too large of a space. Not sure.
Now, did people love it? Yes. Did adults and kids interact and play? Yes.
But our budget only allowed for this 16" set. We just could not spend $500 for the largest set.
Will look into risers to gain some impact.