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Condition: No box included, works as new with U.S. and international adapters as shown.

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Original Item Description: 

This power adapter is for 3 models of Millennium Chess Computers:

  • Millennium Chess Champion (Master II)
  • ChessGenius 
  • ChessGenius PRO

It comes with both European and North American plugs.


  • Model: HKP-0500600
  • INPUT: 100 -240V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.45A Max
  • OUTPUT: 5V 0.6A
  • TIP: - (outside)

    TIP: Locating the female jack on the Millennium Genius
    Turn the unit over and rotate so that the logo reads correct in the right orientation. Find the second lip / edge below the logo (towards yourself) then look to the right side corner of that lip / edge. You should find the jack in that spot.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This Adapter is only intended for use with the Millenium Genius and the Millennium Genius PRO.  It is not intended for use with the Millennium Exclusive, Millennium Exclusive Lasker Edition or Millennium Performance Chess computers and may damage their electronics. 

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