DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock - Clock - Chess-House DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock - Clock - Chess-House
DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock - Clock - Chess-House

DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock

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Product Details

DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock are approved for use and is in full accordance with the FIDE rules and regulations.

Some features of the DGT 2010 were amended in November 2010 to comply with popular timing systems. The main differences of the new model DGT 2010 with respect to the previous version are:

  • The front buttons are dark blue instead of red
  • For every manual option, the last setting is automatically saved. Even after switching off the timer or using other options this setting is saved
  • Options for Scrabble are added
  • Bronstein delay with multiple time controls can be set
  • In Canadian Byo-yomi the extra time can be added automatically after the required number of moves
  • Some preset times were amended to more popular settings
The DGT 2010 is suitable for use with many games e.g. it has Japanese and Canadian Byo-yomi settings for Go. For more information, see the DGT 2010 manual. (PDF)

  • Larger displays with more info in display
  • Much easier to program
  • Buzzer function
  • Canadian and Japanese byo-yomi
  • Only 2 batteries (now included in delivery)
  • New lever mechanism
  • 7 1/2" long, 4 1/4" wide, 2 1/4" high

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chess clock


Love this Clock

I love my DGT 2010,I've owned a DGT 2000 for several years now and it's still in use today.
The DGT 2010 is a improvement on the 2000 and I wouldn't think of buying any other clock.
I use mine for Reversi,Scrabble,Connect Four,Checkers,Chess and anything else where a timer can be used.
Also great for Handicapping pros v.s. amateurs.

DGT 2010 Chess timer

The DGT 2010 is the best digital chess clock I have ever used. Easy to set up for any time controls you need. Ideal for Blitz, Rapidplay and Bullet chess, no more worries about the opponent having a possible time advantage.

This clock has endless features, far to many to list, most of which I have not been bothered to look up. All I know is how to set it up for my own needs, that is all you need

DGT 2010

Light weight, smaller than Chronos, easier to carry about in a small pack or on a bike. I use it for blitz and action. OK at school. Difficult to program for typical USCF multi-control tournaments with delay. Can't save multiple user settings. Most presets are common for non-North American events. Blitz is easy though! No problem with the display. Waiting to see 'North American' version at lower c


Hermoso, pantalla grande, pulsadores suaves y silenciosos, fácil de programar, botones de programación disimulados y estéticos Ademas una sorpendente duración de las baterías. Lo único que desearía son unos pqueños leds para indicar el turno de jugador.

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