DGT 3000 Chess Clock

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About The DGT 3000 Chess Clock

Easily access all the settings chess players like on one large display. For example, simple blitz timing, action chess, or tournament modes along with all popular delay types (Fischer, Bronstein, and US Delay).

The DGT 3000, offers the following advantages:

  • Extra info in a larger display
  • Connects to all DGT electronic chess boards
  • Seconds are shown from the start
  • Larger display with more information
  • 25 pre-set timing systems
  • 5 slots for customized settings
  • 5 year warranty!
  • Manual

The DGT3000 is DGTs most advanced game timer yet. Batteries are included. Manual is included in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Russian. In addition a nice leaflet is in the box depicting the time-line development of chess clocks and showing all 16 chess world champions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Patrick Davis
New timer

My daughter and I now use a timer to compliment our gameplay.. it’s pretty cool. Thanks again to Raphael for fixing a problem I had during the order process.Thank you Chesshouse!

Daniel Sheaf

Went to a Tournament after many years out of chess, found I needed a new clock. Bought 2, one for me, one for my brother. Went to a tournament, time controls were 40/100 and SD/30/ d/10. The ZMF took some time to figure out, but got it in, like how it displays, found some folks did not like the missing mechanical feel when hitting the clock. Bought a DGT3000 for my brother, love how it connects to the DGT board, but not the ability to put in the time control. Works great if you have one of the pre-programed time controls, but still searching on how to configure the time control for 40/100 sd/30 d10

Anne McComas
Better Chess

Really like the quality of the chess board and pieces.
The time clock is easy to use and adds to the enjoyment of the game.

kenneth solomon
Terrific, but....

Excellent clock. Every feature and variant. Fun to use. Reasonable learning curve. Not flimsy. The contrast is a bit low. It must be well lit especially in the evening. A backlight would be great.

Isaac Valdez

This chess clock is one of the greatest models to purchase; highly recommended for experienced players.