Foxy Openings #123 Crushing White :Dzindzi Indian 3 - Henley

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Product Details

Crushing White: The Dzindzi Indian Vol. 3

  • Easy to learn opening for life
  • Advantage against stronger opponents
  • Strategically sound based on a solid plan
  • Killer opening against unprepared opponents
  • Database of 919 games shows black scored 57%

Volume 3 6.h4 & Dzindzi Indian Declined

Dzindzi Indian avoided:

  • 1.d4 g6 2.c4
  • 2.e4 Gurgendidze System with 3...c6
  • 2.Nf3, 3 Bf4 - Colle Attack
  • 2.Bg5 Q Pawn-Bishop Attack
  • 4.Nf3 The Positional Approach
  • 4.e3 The Passive Approach
  • 4.Be3 The Awkward Bishop Development
  • 6.Nf3; The "Normal" Knight Development
  • 6.Qc2; 6.Qd3, 6Qb3 Queen Development
  • Run Time: 4 hours 20 minutes

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