Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set

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Product Details

This is an incredible gold and silver pewter Egyptian chess set with a beautifully decorated chessboard. The board will transport you to another time in Egypt with its detailed Sphinx characters on each of the four corners. The board also has a convenient also storage area for the chessmen.


  • 22" square
  • Square Size: 1 5/8"
  • King height: 3"
  • Base size: 1 3/16"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
You can find it cheaper

I found the same chess set az low as $160, they only reason I chose "chess house" (which is the most expensive one), was
I thought the gold color is the same as the picture on the website, but it is not.
It looks likes all other websites put more realistic pictures than "chess house".
It is a great chess set but you can buy it cheaper.

Best Looking Chess Set Ever

The Egyptian Chess Set is the most beautiful chess set that I have ever seen. I love the detail. The choice of Hathor as the queen piece is a great touch.


The pieces can be crafted more detailed and the manufacturer should also provide a case for playing board with its pieces.

Gold and Silver Egyptian chess set

very finely crafted chessmen with great detail. Smaller than the bigger pieces but still adorable to have under the fingers in all circumstances. Recommended not to risk getting them scratched however.....

Gorgeous Set

My girlfriend and I love chess, and have held out on buying a set for sometime. When we saw this Egyptian themed set, we knew it was time. This set is beautifully crafted, and now serves as a centerpiece in our living room. I highly suggest this set for chess fans and Egyptian culture buffs alike.

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