Heavy Club Flex Pad Chess Set

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$34.00 USD

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Product Details

This chess set combines our best weighted pieces and roll-up board. The weighted, Staunton pieces on the ultra thin flex pad is one of our best recommendations for  players of all ages who want a set for blitz, casual, or club games.

The thin 1/16" Flex Pad can be both rolled and folded depending on the need. It stores easily in the option Deluxe Chess Bag 24" x 8" x 3" available in the customization options.

The pieces weigh over 2 pounds! These all purpose chess pieces are fantastic for school, tournament or home! The weighted pieces meet all tournament regulations.


  • King height: 3 3/4"
  • Base size: 1.5"
  • King weight: 1.9 oz.
  • Set weight: 32.8 oz.
  • Extra Queens - 2 per side
  • Quality felted base
Flex Pad Chess Board:
  • Board size: 20" x 20"
  • Square size: 2 1/4"
  • Weight: 9.8 oz (40% heavier than vinyl board)
  • Thickness: 1/16

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sergej Lalatovic
I mean can't ask for anything else?

32$ you get really sweet hefty tournament sized pieces that look great I can't even notice the plastic lines from the molding so it's made really well I carry it in my school bag most the day and throw it around so nothing broke which definitely says it's sturdy. The flex pad is well.... Flexy obviously and works amazing for my needs I need to carry it with me around places and can fold it in my backpack with my books and laptop then when I open it, it's like brand new doesn't bend or anything. The cut on the side is a little curved but nobody noticed it until I literally ran my finger through the lines at the end he's and felt a bit of a bump. The white pieces that came in the mail did rip open but again no damage it was fine. They ship it in these long boxes filled with DELICIOUS FLUFFY CORN CHIPS definitely try one. Size is great always takes up the entire table so it's nice to play on I wish I could've gotten black on white but green works too nice thing is it's silicone so you could technically wash it under the sink with some light hand motions and soapy water in case you spill something.
At the end board is great for travel chess and just carrying it around it's easy some prefer a wood board I prefer this so buy whichever one you like but this is definitely worth a buy I looked at Walmart and their cheap 12" boards run for 25$/35$ and pieces are small plus empty on inside these feel full and hefty for same price plus you buy from a legit chess store and feel more cool this way. Thrift stores might have some nice boards but hard to find in general this is best bang for the buck you can find for the quality and size

Great Set

The pieces have a good weight to them. They’re solid and well fabricated. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a solid chess set.

Just what I was looking for

I got this set for an 11-year-old who is interested in chess, but didn't have his own. I was amazed at how well the pieces are cast: you can hardly see a seam in the plastic, and the weight and size are great. They are substantial enough that I have no concerns about breakage. I also like the rollup board because it's easy to fold without putting creases in it. The pieces and the folded board fit beautifully in a Dopp bag (nylon toiletries kit), and now my young friend can easily take the set anywhere.
P.S.: the extra queens are a nice bonus.

Tigran Margaryan
Exactly what I wanted

Finally I found wat I wanted, when you enjoy playing with just touching the pieces! My son was also happy and now he challenges me more than before 😂. The flex pad quality is also good.

L Chastain
Great chess set for traveling

The flex-pad is sturdy, and lies flat, but will roll up easily for transporting or storage. The chess pieces are well made. This chess set is perfect for traveling. We plan to use it to teach chess to a preteen during our winter family vacation.

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