Heirloom Grandmaster Chess Set

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About The Heirloom Grandmaster Chess Set

These Grandmaster chessmen truly combine finesse and function - elegance amid frequent chess matches. Each Heirloom chess set combines a true US handcrafted solid walnut and maple hardwood chessboard with a unique set of chess pieces to suit a wide variety of tastes.

The full-size tournament style Grandmaster chessmen with 4" King are hand carved by master artisans from high grade woods. The pieces are heavily weighted for a superb chess playing experience and beautifully finished complete with a luxurious billiard felt base. The robust design can withstand rigorous chess games with no delicate points to break or chip.

The chessboard is handcrafted in Pennsylvania from locally sourced premium walnut and maple woods. The process of creating the boards takes many months, from the drying and curing of woods, to the special cutting and assembly process, to the final details that include grooves, beveled edge, engraving, and the multiple finishes that gives it the trademark luxurious and distinguishably smooth surface. Over many months, Raphael created this chessboard model inspired by Drueke's obsolete works. It has become a remarkable showpiece and platform for any set of chess pieces one owns that are suitably sized, usually 3 3/4" tall on average.

For display or frequent play, this heirloom quality chess set will be enjoyed for years and spare pieces are most likely available for many years should they ever be needed.

NOTE: To select the chess board demonstrated by Raphael in the video, choose the Queen Anne style JLP board in the Options available.


  • 4" King
  • 1 3/4" Base
  • 32 Pieces + 2 Extra queens for that occasional pawn promotion
  • Green felt bases
  • Storage bags included
  • Ebonized Boxwood is created when Boxwood is specially stained to the black appearance similar to the desirable Ebony wood. This is ideal for those who like the black contrast at a reasonable price. The light pieces are finished in clear-stain Boxwood as with most sets of chess pieces.
  • Made in India
  • Board size: 21"
  • Square size: 2"
  • Board thickness: 3/4"
  • Handcrafted in USA

Care Instructions: 
Avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight which can affect the color of finished woods. The chess board can be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove dust. Due to the living nature of woods, with change in humidity the chessboard may warp ever so slightly for a time. This can be reversed by storing the board vertically for a time with equal exposure of air to both the surface and underside of the board.


Opening the Gift

HC545 Heirloom Grandmaster Unboxing



Viewing the Handcrafted Board

HC545 Heirloom Grandmaster Premium JLP Hardwood Board



Setting up the Pieces

HC545 Heirloom Grandmaster Setup Pieces



Playing the luxurious smooth board
Heirloom Grandmaster


Extra Queens and Storage Bags

HC545 Heirloom Grandmaster Extra Queens and Storage Bags


Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Teresa R
Gorgeous Set

Customer service is excellent. There was an error in shipping. I reached out and they reshipped the order and we received it in time. This set is a lasting addition to our grandson’s love of the game.

John Himes
Heirloom Grandmaster

I just received the Heirloom Grandmaster with the Wenge/Maple board and the ebonized pieces. Could not have been more pleased with this order. It took two weeks to travel from Chess House to Pennsylvania but I had ordered it right before Xmas and the weather was causing problems everywhere. I was a little concerned with the fit of the Grandmaster king on a 2" square but it was perfect. The quality of the board and pieces are stunning and the pictures just don't do them justice. Paul's customer service was sterling.

Emmanuel Schiavone
A superb chess set

I am very pleased with this order. It arrived well packaged and very quickly to Australia via courier. It came with 2 storage bags and an extra queen. I find it an absolute joy to study and play chess using this superb chess set. I feel I can see a lot more combinations and tactics as it is so pleasing to the eye. The pieces are well crafted and are nicely weighted. Even my non-chess playing friends are envious of it. Thanks again to Chess House. I am a very satisfied customer.

Elliott Fraiberg
Excellent. Made wonderful gift

My son loved.

Yen Cheng Chen
Great set, fantastic service

Received my set in no time, super fast shipping. My set was missing a bishop and it was replaced immediately with no additional charge.

One of the best online shopping experience I’ve encountered in a while, highly recommended!