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Product Details

This thoughtfully crafted kit taps into hidden talents and creativity. Fun DVD introduction to chess gives new players confidence they need to discover and play chess well. This exclusive content is tested with more than 3000 kids in Seattle area schools with amazing results, creating numerous national champions.

In 49 minutes, anyone in the family can have the best chance at enjoying chess and learning how to play the game well.

Paired with our best quality regulation chess set, ideal for both home and competitive play, you'll have the perfect setup to learn and play this timeless game.

  • Learn and Enjoy Chess at Home. Tap into a child's potential.
  • Elliott's Chess School DVD 1 - "Pawn Level" introduces basics of chess in easily chunks, keeping it fun and interesting for youngsters as well
  • All purpose chess set that will last for years.
  • Solid plastic chess pieces with 3 3/4" regulation size king. Easy to obtain replacements.
  • 20" Chess Board with  2 1/4" squares is regulation size so you're ready to compete.
  • Chess bag keeps all 32 pieces, roll-up chess board, and DVD together and portable. 24x8x3"
  • All ages

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My 9-yr old carries this with her to friends houses and teaches them to play.

My 9-yr old carries this with her to friends houses and teaches them to play. I am happy that the mat/board is made in the USA. The pieces themselves are a nice weight.

Better than I expected!

This kit is even better than your description! My six and nine year old were especially eager to play. In fact, my wife called me early this morning to tell me they snuck out of their rooms before dawn, took the kit to their bedroom, and are currently playing a game of chess!

The books and DVD that come with this kit are also much better than I expected. You have given our family everything we need to become skilled at chess.

Thank you!

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