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Product Details

Mephisto Phoenix is the most powerful personal chess computer of all time.

Phoenix comes in a modern glass touch screen design and offers both the newest computing technologies along with retro engines from decades past.

Onboard Wifi means it can stay current as updates are released. For example, the ChessLink app will be added in 2023 providing for integrated online chess play without the need for an external device.

The Phoenix module is compatible with Millennium Exclusive and Tournament Boards - great news for those who already own a compatible chessboard. 

However, Phoenix can be purchased as a bundle with new, high-contrast rosewood and light maple color electronic chess boards. 

About the Mephisto Phoenix

(See also this Blog Article for more about the Phoenix here.)

The Mephisto Phoenix is
a UCI based multi-engine chess computer, which provides access to a huge variety in chess gaming. With Shredder Neuronal and Stockfish NNUE, you see the world’s first dedicated chess computer using most modern neuronal engine technologies.

The module in its modern design comes with a large color touch screen made from real glass. Accompanied by the well-structured touch menu system it is meant to be the perfect home station for chess lovers of all ages, all playing strengths and all experience levels.  

Most powerful chess computer of all times

The Phoenix comes with 4 different Top-Class Engines on Board: Shredder 13.5, Komodo 14.1, Hiarcs 14.2 and Stockfish 15 NNUE. Starting from a very simple level, which is also suitable for absolute beginners, the system can reach a maximum performance of over 3400 ELO. In fact, there are countless options to adjust the playing strength to your individual needs. The system covers the widest playing strength range ever provided by a chess computer.  

Shredder offers a highly interesting new function with its fully automatic self-adapting playing strength with ELO rating. In this way you can continuously monitor your progress and see how much you have improved through training with the computer.

The evaluation bar beside the chess board tells you at first glance how the engine rates the position. Any blunders are quickly noticed that way and you always have a feeling on how good you do.  

Great opening training per your needs 

The machine comes with some different opening books: The standard one by Mark Uniacke provides you with more than 1.000.000 positions, all from master play. This is the biggest opening book ever provided by a dedicated chess computer.

The system is expanded with 23 classical chess computer emulations running at a high speed. Most remarkable is the “Mephisto Glasgow”, the legendary world championship program of 1984 - which runs on the MEPHISTO PHOENIX system at a speed of approx. 66 times faster than the original machine of the time.

With the speed bar you easily control the emulation speed or set it to the speed of the original chess computer, button and display layout follows the originals.

Updates for the System come via WIFI directly on the unit, and if you purchase additional software in the webstore it is installed as easy as with the press of one button. 

The Mephisto Phoenix is the right unit for you if you 

  • Wish to own the most powerful chess computer ever made, building a bridge between past glory days and todays modern style of playing chess
  • Are interested in modern engine technologies, e.g. NNUE Technology and see how they evaluate
  • Like to play with retro chess computers and to see how these programs perform on a modern hardware

Compatible with the MILLENNIUM Exclusive and Tournament Sensor Boards

The MEPHISTO Phoenix requires a Millennium Exclusive or Supreme Tournament Board with RFID piece recognition.

Technical details

Chess specific properties

Suitable for

all chess lovers, from children to grandmasters

Playing strength

up to over 3400 ELO

Pieces included


Additional pieces


Magnetic pieces


Piece compartment




Chessboard technology

RFID piece recognition required

Display with illumination

Yes, 7” Colour TFT Touchscreen with 1024 x 600 px resolution


1.5G 64 Bit Quadcore processor

CPU clock frequency



4 GB

Connection board computer

Standard mini-Din cable, 4 pin




Shredder 13.5, Komodo 14.1, Hiarcs 14.2, Stockfish 15 NNUE


Package with 20 different chess computer emulations contained

Device languages

5 (DEU / ENG / FRA / NLD / SPA)

Menu system

Text-based / Graphic, All device languages


Yes, via WIFI and USB


Play online

App Integration

ChessLink App for Mephisto Phoenix will be integrated for direct use in 2023.

Supported servers


Power Supply

Batteries required


Power supply connection

Yes, 100 - 240V 50/60 Hz Input - 9V 4A Output

Power supply included

Yes, with interchangeable attachments for EU / UK / US


Measurements & Weights

Dimensions computer unit

7.1 x 5.12 x 3,54 inches


Model number & age recommendation

Model number


Age recommended by manufacturer

10 Years & Up


Mephisto Phoenix Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Mamula
Millennium Mephisto Phoenix

This unit combines modern chess technology with chess programs from the eighties and nineties. The four engines are, in my view, good for the analysis of matches and tournaments. One thing worth mentioning is that you can' t turn off the machine with a game in progress and then come back to it later since there is no save game feature.
This photo shows the final position of the 9th match game between Capablanca (White) versus Corzo (Black) played in Havana in 1901. Capablanca has just played g7 which forced Corzo to resign. The Shredder v13.5 chess engine, of the Mephisto Phoenix chess modul, was utilized for the analysis. The actual mode is indicated as “HUMAN-ANALYSE”. This is an example of the capabilities of the Phoenix.
The service I received from Chess House when purchasing this item was excellent.
Dave Mamula

Arnold Howard
Mephisto Phoenix Module

I didn't realize that the power button on the back does not shut the module off. I was perplexed. I noticed that the Supreme Chessboard came with AC plug but no where on the board to plug it in. It also came with a on/off switching device. So I tried something. I attached the switching device to the AC wire and then I plugged that into the module. Lo and behold the switching device shuts off the module. The system looks great. I got used to the Revelation II. So it will takes some time to get used to this machine. I' m impressed how fast Chess House got this new computer to me. I thought it would be longer because of the computer chip shortage.

Jay Chew
Good hardware but feature under utilised

This is a premium product considering the price that we paid for it, but a lot of 'essential accessories' like the sleeve for storing the module, stylus and even the connection cable omitted from the package.
The hardware running on rapsberry pi has a lot potential but at the moment the feature included in the module is half- baked and underwhelming to say the least. I would like to see similar function available in the Millennium Chess Classics like:
- game saving and loading function straight from the module
- less refine takeback and forward function
- option to change the move notation (at the time of writing, there is only one notation type available, which I don't like)
- the opening book description is too concise
- less refine user interface compared to the Millennium module

Overall, I do not think this is an upgrade from my other Millennium Chess Classics Module.
I wish that there are updates in the future to address to all of our concerns.

Kenneth Stevens
Great Chess Computer Missing 1 Feature

The chess computer is probably strongest one available. it gives you a ton of features, but it is missing one big one. It does not allow game saves. If you start a game, you better leave plenty of time to finish.

You can save a game, whether completed or not with the Phoenix.

You need to have a flash drive, connect it to the USB Port at the back of the Phoenix computer and select SYS SETT (System Settings) and then PGN USB (Export your games as a PGN file).

This function allows you to export the last game to a USB flash drive.

Also, some of the emulations allow saving and continuing a game (see page 21 - 22 of the electronic manual).

Bill Stevenson
Mephisto-Phoenix is a big up-grade

I am quite impressed with this chess computer. Yes the manual is still not great. This computer is so good that someone will probably write a book for it though and Chess House is there to help too. It is very intuitive to use and I really like the Analysis Mode, which is extremely helpful for me studying from books. I have had no trouble getting it to connect to WiFi either. And having 4 engines is great. Five stars.

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