Millennium Chess Computer - Adapter

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About The Millennium Chess Computer - Adapter

This power adapter is for 3 models of Millennium Chess Computers:

  • Millennium Chess Champion (Master II)
  • ChessGenius 
  • ChessGenius PRO.

It comes with both European and North American plugs.


  • Model: HKP-0500600
  • INPUT: 100 -240V ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.45A Max
  • OUTPUT: 5V 0.6A
  • TIP: - (outside)

TIP: Locating the female jack on the Millennium Genius
Turn the unit over and rotate so that the logo reads correct in the right orientation. Find the second lip / edge below the logo (towards yourself) then look to the right side corner of that lip / edge. You should find the jack in that spot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Adapter is only intended for use with the Millenium Genius and the Millennium Genius PRO.  It is not intended for use with the Millennium Exclusive, Millennium Exclusive Lasker Edition or Millennium Performance Chess computers and may damage their electronics. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Hi I purchased this as a gift, i will need to wait to know how he likes the purchase. Process, delivery, and available you tube clips was spot on and helped making the decision.

Karl Matesich
Millennium Chess Computer - Adapter

The adapter is handy and easy to use, Nice to use to save on batteries when playing a long game.

Raymond Lee
Great Adaptor that fills all needs

This comes with various adaptors for all countries. It works as advertised.

James Key
Battery Free Power!

The Millennium Chess Computer - Adapter is configured to utilize three different electrical power grid systems, depending upon the power grid in the country of use. The adapter for the standard US power grid wall outlet does it's job and provides power to the Millennium Chess Computer - ChessGenius family of chess computers.

Mine is plugged into a surge protector on a 6-foot extension cord from the wall socket to my desk, that also has an old ballast florescent desk light plugged into the same surge protector. When the ChessGenius Pro is OFF, and I turn ON the desk lamp, the ChessGenius also turns ON. This is the only glitch which I have observed with the adapter. The ChessGenius does not turn off, freeze a game, etc. This happenstance of turning ON does not occur when using battery power. It does not occur when the adapter is plugged directly into the wall socket. It does not occur when other desktop electrical devices plugged into the surge protector are powered ON or OFF.

So, my ChessGenius Pro -Chess Computer turns itself on when I turn on my old desk lamp --- and my dogs get excited wanting to walk when I go to the door. It is nice to be wanted!


wire too short

The only drawback is the length of the wire. A little short to get to the plug. Often forced to use an extension cord to connect