Millennium eONE - Bluetooth Connected Portable Chess Play

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About The Millennium eONE - Bluetooth Connected Portable Chess Play

The innovative Millennium eONE connects to play chess in more ways than any other chess computer.

Your moves are recognized instantly by the computer with fully automatic move detection!

Slim, ergonomic pieces are fun to play. On-board lights display every move so you can focus on the feel of making good moves.

eONE is both portable and comfortably sized at 12" (31cm square) and is powered with an internal rechargeable, long-life battery recharged with USB-C.

Play with someone else remotely or with any of a variety of connected computers. It's up to you how you want to connect! 

To get started, just connect your phone or tablet for these compatible programs:

- Play on with ChessLink app or WhitePawn (Android & iOS)
- Play on with the Android App (no iOS yet)
- Play on with Windows PC
- Hiarcs Chess Explorer on Windows & Mac, or iOS
- Chess for Android on mobile devices
- LucasChess (Now also on Windows with Bluetooth), Arena and many more community projects.

No other eBoard with LED move display currently supports such a wide number of chess applications!

Features at a glance

- Play online on a real board, connect to or Lichess and let the fun begin.
- Move indication on every square. LEDs around each square show the opponents moves
- Unique and convenient design. The board and its unique chess pieces offer natural, authentic chess play in a clean, modern, and ergonomic design.
- Easy to use with three buttons, Invert board, Bluetooth, Brightness. Power is located just beneath one side and reachable without turning the board over.

The MILLENNIUM eONE is an electronic chess board specially designed for players who like to play online chess and who want an authentic, real game feel.

Designed in Munich

The board design was developed in Munich, including the unique and modern chess pieces. These are classically elegant and stylish, combining tradition and modernity. The pieces are weighted at the base with anti-slip base. The slim ergonomic shape ensures a good grip and excellent board overview.


  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 0.97 inches
  • Square size: 1.188 (1 3/16")
  • King height: 2.17 inches
  • Board Weight 32 oz
  • Set Weight 8 oz
  • Bluetooth integrated
  • USB connection
  • Lithium battery built-in
  • Battery should last at least 12+ hours per charge. Recharge of battery will be a maximum of 4 hours.
  • No levels, or internal engine, it instead runs off the App it is connected to


eONE - M841

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
G. Austin TX
All-in-one e-board for multiple chess engines

The pieces are a little small but they feel great! The best plastic I've played with and they feel weighted (magnets? IDK). Be sure to calibrate the board (power button for 10s) from time to time (see manual). I love the fact I can play with Hiarcs or LiChess on my iPhone or iPad. My pet peeve with most e-boards is a chess engine that lacks customization - not this board. I can tune the game play, coach, clock delay (Hiarcs) and so on for a realistic experience (computer) or real person (LiChess).

Richard Boyd
Great Online Platform

Very easy to use, quick response times per move, not loosing as much time as other boards. Works very well with (Android not IOS) and Lichess with ChessLink app. Perfect size for mobile play, setup almost anywhere.

Great entry level eboard

I use this board to play on with the Android app and it is great. The set-up was straightforward. It's great that everything is integrated into the board - no power supply, no separate module for bluetooth. I also have the Supreme 55, which is great, but it's to big for me to leave set up all the time, and it takes a bit to set it up and connect everything . The eOne is perfect for a quick online game.

Darwin Hector Sr
Little Complex App Interface

As a result of the App Interface, I found the eOne just a little too cumbersome for my 7-year old granddaughter and I to play long distance.

Note, the board size, along with the pieces (height and weight) are perfect.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to return the Set.

Frank Varisco
Easy Setup. Nice portable size. But NO CONNECTION with on iOS devices.

I cannot add much to the reviews below. I like the size as it's easy to use on small table or space. Easy connection to Lichess.

I should have read the fine print better as I am looking for a connection to with my iOS device. Millennium has been maddeningly slow in bringing out the iOS option.