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Product Details

This is David Sanfilippo's twenty sixth in a series of original hand formed art pieces. Terra cotta clay is sculpted, carved, and then glazed by David to a high fire for a permanent finish and durability.

David's series of chess sets will conclude in the near future and each one is either in a museum or personal collection. No to sets are alike. In fact every one is very uniquely inspired.

Chess House is showcasing one of his sets here, the Dragon Slayers. The pieces range in height from the largest at 6" and the smallest at 3 1/2". The largest base diameter is 2 3/4" requiring a board with squares of at least that size.

Dragon Side

Pawns - Warrior Dragons
Rooks - Dragon’s Nest
Knights - Dragon Horse
Bishops - Senior Dragon
Queen - Dragon Queen
King - Dragon King

    Dragon Slayer Side
    Pawns - Infantry with Dragon Spears
    Rooks - Fire Tower
    Knights - Horse
    Bishops - High Priest with Magic Sphere
    Queen - The Dragon Slayer with the Mighty Sword
    King - Chieftain

    The Process

    Each piece is hand built and sculpted from terra cotta clay. When the clay becomes leathery/hardens the pieces are carved. The pieces take several weeks to dry as they are not hollow. The pieces are then low fired, with a cone rating of 4-6 for over fifteen hours. After the low fire, the pieces are under glazed, glazed, and fired high for over twelve hours with a cone rating of 5-6.

    A Cone rating means that you can fire that clay at any temperature up to that cone. The closer you get to the maximum rated cone, the stronger and denser your clay will be. You cannot fire a clay higher than its maximum rated Cone, or it will melt.

    During the firings some fracturing, or cracks may develop. These cracks are filled with silver, copper or brass and each piece is unique. The pieces have a permanent lasting finish and are durable for play.

    Chess Board

    The chess board photographed is included. It has 3" squares and measures 25" square.  You could of course supply your own chess board, but this one is included in the price.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    anthony ciachelli

    very mysterious sets. Have never seen anything like them.

    Pieces show character and are very unique...

    I am honored to have one of these chess sets. They are very beautiful in person and when you light the candles in the castles and dim down the lights it is very magical. These sets really tell a story and my son at least one time a day will stair at it . Beautiful Unique Chess Set!


    I saw one of these sets in person at the No.9 Mine and Museum in Lansford, Pennsylvania and they are very beautiful! Especially in person. The curator opened the case and let me hold a piece and they are very heavy and each piece is different. Each piece is a work of art. The set tells a story and the detail is amazing. Very unique set. The set is in a glass case in the center of the museum.

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