Single Felt Circles for Chess Pieces - Self-Stick in Black

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Product Details

Single felt circles help you add a quality felt base to your chess pieces. You can also re-felt pieces in a different color or to replace worn out, paper felt, or other poor quality felts.

These sizes cover a variety of chess sets and an be trimmed to fit in special use cases. The adhesive backing is relatively strong but glue can be added if desired.

The price is per felt circle and discounts start at 8 felts of any combined sizes.

Sizes are as shown in available options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Katy Jarvis
Love these

I ordered them and they arrived within a few days. The pieces were easy to apply and look great.

Edward S.
Great Product

Great product, great price - buy now!

Frank Tirado
Very Good ~ But need bigger ones to fix my queen and king ~

They should have those 1.5" & 1.75" in Diameter too.

Kenley Morrison

I had an old chess set (over 40 years old) that you just can't find anymore and it is a really nice Staunton design with a 4 inch king and heavily weighted. However some of the felt is missing from the bases - and I am tired of accumulating and holding on to items that need repair that I never seem to get to. The old organizational categories - KEEP IT - FIX IT - GIVE IT AWAY - THROW IT OUT - well - this chess set had been promoted to the final category and I was just about to put it in the trash and accept that I would never be able to fix it in a way that looked original and so I did a search and the only vendor that came up that cared enough about chess set repair to stock this item was CHESS HOUSE. That speaks a great deal about service to customers because nobody is going to get rich selling felt replacements when they only charge a few pennies for each circle. Not only did CHESS HOUSE have the felt replacements - but different sizes and colors so I could match exactly the ones I needed to tix the set. Now the set looks brand new and is alive and well and ready to do battle with their fellow chess pieces - and that extra care which goes far beyond bottom line business profit - CHESS HOUSE is really doing a service and favor to the chess community by stocking this inexpensive item. When I realized the benevolent philosophy behind CHESS HOUSE - I was ashamed of just ordering a few felt circles - so I tried to think of something else to purchase from them and by the time I was finished ended up spending over 100 bucks on my first order - and WHY? Out of gratitude for standing out from the rest of the crowd of vendors that would not bother to stock this item. THANKS AGAIN CHESS HOUSE! Do you want to use your money to support and enable companies to survive and grow that don't really care about you apart from the money they can get? Or do you want companies that care about their customers to survive and grow? Every time you spend money you are voting for the type of companies that will dominate the commerce of the entire planet. Well I vote for CHESS HOUSE!

Stone Rinehart
New felts for new chess set

Son bought me a very nice stone chess set when stationed overseas in UAE. Bought 32 of these 1 1/2 inch black felts. The adhesive and quality of these felts was outstanding. I couldn’t have been more pleased w the ease of the application or the look of the finished project’

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