The Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Pieces

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Product Details

A classic for decades, the recreated Bobby Fischer Ultimate Tournament Chess Pieces give the chess player the ultimate chess-playing experience. The low center of gravity makes this an excellent set for blitz or speed chess.

This innovative set of chess pieces was specifically designed for the serious chess player. The pieces are ergonomically engineered to feature smooth surfaces and seamless edges to make extended games more enjoyable.

The unmistakable feel of these heavily weighted pieces provides an extra level of confidence for your game. The "Infinity Weighting System" means the weights are molded into the plastic for a permanent solution against loose weighting

This set features the white/black that players have requested. It weighs in at 3.8 lbs, one of the heaviest club and tournament style pieces you can find.

The large-headed pawns and bishops, and the grooved knights are easier to grasp. The premier weighting system is designed to last longer than other weighted chess sets with extra protection added to keep the weights from falling out. With thick billiard felted bottoms, you can be assured these chess pieces will endure many years of rigorous play.

  • The Ultimate pieces meet all US Chess Federation and FIDE world standards for chess play
  • Pieces are triple weighted and weigh collectively 3.8 lbs. (1.72 kg)
  • King 3.75 in. (95.2 mm) tall with a 1.65 in (41.9 mm) base diameter
  • King weight: 2.9 oz.
  • Premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess pieces
  • Includes 34 pieces including 2 extra queens

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Joey Moose
The knights grow on you!

Best feeling all rounder pieces you can get for the money.
My overall impression now that I have played this set daily for the past week is:
the pieces look excellent together in a balanced way. One has to play the massive pawns to understand them, as well as the knight. The shape of the bishop is more bulbous echoing the large spheres of the pawns. There is a nice balance. The pieces feel really good in play, very natural. Excellent outdoor set as well as a travel set (heavy but substantial) as the plastic used feels very robust. I would expect it to look about the same in a decade. I like the history of Bobby Fischer as well and approve of this set!
Looks equally amazing on all my boards/mats but really gravitates towards the green and natural old school vinyl. Hard to beat weight and feel for the price.

Fernando Estrella
Excellent attention and excellent game

I am very satisfied with the chess set that has come to me. But I highlight above all, the customer service and collaboration that I received from you, when I had a problem with the local mail here in Colombia. Additionally, I found a small problem with the black horse, which was resolved immediately and satisfactorily.

Alan Marston
A fabulous set.

Before I review the set I would like to mention the great service and communication that I received . These people care about their customers and I would definitely advise those earlier reviewers who have received faulty pieces such as the dark imperfections on the whites to request an exchange of the specific affected items. I feel sure that the company would replace them.
Now to the actual set. What’s not to like, okay some don’t like plastic in the first place whereas I actually prefer it to play with. I also keep this set out on the table most of the time and find it pleasing to look at. I’m not qualified to evaluate the quality of the plastic except to say that it feels very dense and durable.
With regard to the weight of the pieces, the weight is spot on for me. They feel good to move( I’m a lifter, not a slider ) perhaps because I often use one of my many silicone mats. My go to board is the folding vinyl one however.
The Staunton design which is a variation of the theme is designed for Blitz insofar as the pawns in particular are bulbous as are the Bishops which facilitates rapid handling when engaged in the frenzy of beating the flag.
Overall, I like the design but would have liked to see the substantial roundness of the Bishops design also carried over to the King and Queen whilst still obviously retaining their relevant height. Perhaps this would be too much to ask and difficult to create.
The quality of the moulding is very good. The seams are hardly noticeable and the product is well finished.
In conclusion I highly recommend this set both to the serious adult players and to their young prodigies who can drop the pieces all day long onto a vinyl or Silicone board without ill effect.
In conclusion, I highly recommend this set.

Omer Rabi
The best plastic pieces by far!!!!!

These are the heaviest, best feeling and most advanced technologically (with the weighting system) plastic pieces ever!!!!!🤩🤩🤩
The only complaint I have is sometimes the white pieces might have black stains…😕
Also, I hate the way they treat the package in the mail…I have some scratches on my pieces 🙁

Good Set

I really like the design of this set. The bulk and heft to the pieces is great. The color and overall look is perfect. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because my bishops have the same problem others have posted about. The mold must have been set up poorly because the seem is noticable and the top ornamental piece does not line up. If they fixed that it really would be the Ultimate Chess Set.

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