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$229.00 USD

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Product Details

Need an affordable chess set and box combo in the timeless German Staunton style? Here's a chess set that's ideal for studying the game at home. Players of any age will enjoy the feel of these well made wooden pieces as they slide across the board. The storage box helps keep all those pieces complete and away from potential pets. Choose a board from the list of available wood types with or without notation coordinates and customize it to your liking.

The pieces are carved by master artisans from quality boxwood and nicely weighted for a fantastic chess playing experience. They are finished with a protective clear stain. Felt bases protect a chessboard and enhance the smooth playing quality.

The mahogany wood chessboard is smoothly finished and offers coordinates that help in recording games on chess notation books or replaying and reviewing your own games or those of famous players.

Finally, the perfectly sized wood box, completes your entire chess set as a storage safe combo.

If a piece replacement is ever needed, just as Chess House.


  • King height: 3 7/8" (3.88" | 98mm)
  • King base: 1 3/8" (1.38" | 36mm)
  • King weight: 2.2 oz
  • Pawn height: 2" (49mm)
  • Pawn base: 1 1/8" (1.13" | 28.5mm)
  • Pieces Set Weight: 33 oz
  • 34 Chessmen - Extra queens for pawn promotion
  • Green cloth felt bases
  • Board size: 19"
  • Square size: 2"
  • Mahogany and Birch veneer finish
  • Made in Poland
  • Felt pads to protect a table surface


  • Interior dimensions 8.6" x 5" x 3" (including lid space)
  • Movable divider

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karen Cowan
Beautiful set.

We are beginner/intermediate chess players and purchased this lovely set for our teen son as a Christmas present. He is really happy. The board is beautiful and the pieces feel and look great. We keep it on our dining table, which looks great and it's being used daily. Side note: the box is too small for the pieces we purchased, but they did come with bags. I think the pieces are too nice to put jumbled in bags or boxes without forms. We're not going to travel with this particular set or put it away, so it doesn't matter to us. But for those who must put the pieces away, I would get a bigger box.

The knights have an eye?

I see in the pic that the white knight have an little eye, but when i select the pieces it doesn't, it's a small detail but i would like to have one with the little eye

Absolutely amazing set

I love this set. The board and the pieces feel amazing. I especially enjoy the feel of the pawns compared to sets ive owned previously. For the low price this is a wonderful purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Joe Boado
Great classic set

Awesome set!

Pieces - Some very minor detail needs adjustment (knight's left and right eyes needs to be aligned) but does not take away to the excellent workmanship on all the pieces. Size and weight is perfect with adequate felt bottom. I originally ordered the ebony set but switched to the Acacia pieces which I am very happy about. Looks so good with the Mahogany board.

Board - Size is perfect with the pieces. Weighted well that it does not slide around on table tops.

Box - Another excellent complimentary piece to this set . Adequately felted inside to protect the pieces.

Packaging and delivery - Great packaging and delivered ahead of original estimate.

Henry Naumann

Very good craftsmanship..nicely weighted..great delivery service!

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