How much space is needed for a chess board?

How much space is needed for a chess board?

One of the beautiful things about chess is that the chess board takes so little space to play. At the same time, you can express your personal style through the artform of the board you own.

How much space is needed for a chess board? At times the answer may seem obvious — but not always!

Let's start with the dimensions:

Chess boards are square and generally range in size from 16 to 20 inches (40.6 - 50.8 centimeters). Add extra space for the outside edge of the board.


Dimensions of a chess board

For example, the chessboard below will fit comfortably for play in a variety of table surfaces in most homes. It also has a helpful design for storage when not in use.

This Player’s Chessboard, at 21” square is a medium size chessboard most often paired with tournament size Staunton type piece as shown.



Chessboard Play

The chessboard’s wooden perimeter provides visual balance. Your table ideally should have at least a few inches on either side for pieces that are not in play ...or even a timer.

Plus, if you are sitting at the table, it can be helpful to have 2-3 inches in front of either player. Too much, however, and it’s quite a reach.

For this 21” Square chessboard, a table surface at least 26” D x 30” W would be comfortable. The space in front of each player is less important than the width available next to the chessboard.

Folding Chessboard Size


Chessboard Storage

If need to set your beautiful chessboard aside for storage, rather than an awkward size, you simply close it like a book.

As you can see, when you own a chessboard, it’s wise to plan ahead for not only where you will play, but how you will store or display it.

Folding Chessboard on Table

Folded Chessboard

You could even put your chessboard on display with a few pieces on guard.

Standing Folded Chessboard


About this Chessboard

The Player’s folding chessboard is handcrafted in the USA with solid-block maple and walnut construction visible from both surfaces.

Precision joined 2” squares, groove cuts, beveled edge, and engraved emblems make this one of the finest chessboards you could find for your home.

This collection of fine, hardwood chessboards is enjoyed by Grandmaster Wesley So while he improves his game and World Champion Magnus Carlsen who has played them in some U.S. events.

The folding board design uniquely featured in this article helps with storage. You can shop for the 21" Board in both classic and folding.

Wooden Folding Chessboard


Where are photos of the hinge?

More photos are coming when the first order of boards arrives. The actual board shown in video and photos has an invisible barrel hinge type design, the exact same design as the product you order now. The only difference is that this sample board shown has a wood block construction that would be visible with photos of the hinge area. That will be cleaned up on the actual production model for a very finished look along with the hinges.


Where can I buy one?

This 21" Folding Player's Chessboard is exclusive to Chess House and is sometimes available. It’s made in limited quantity and is in stock occasionally.



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Jerry Ballinger

Jerry Ballinger

I have to agree with Jim. This looks like a fine chess board but one of its main features is that it folds up for storage. Before I lay out $300 for a board I would have to know every thing about especially details of the hinge area



More photos will be coming in May 2018 showing the hinge side in detail, an nice brass hinges, the invisible barrel hinge. The reason it’s not shown in the photos or video yet is that it would show the core of the board which would not be seen in the actual production version. When the actual board is produced and available it will look even better in the hinge area than it does right now. The hinge is completely invisible from the upper or lower surface of the board when the board is flat. There’s no tape or tacky techniques.

Alan  Penberthy

Alan Penberthy

Very nice.,when I need a new board this will be it!

Jim Dautremont

Jim Dautremont

It is a bad idea to hide from us how the new folding chessboard folds. A full disclosure of the folding mechanism is essential to a potential buyer. Caveat emptor! You should clearly show ALL of it to us so that we can make our own determination of desirability for our purposes. My current impression is that it is held together by some kind of tape. That would be tacky. On the other hand, if it is held together by a nice brass piano hinge, or some other nifty mechanical device(s), it could be highly desirable. As it is now, the customer is being kept in the dark about this very important aspect of the new board. Customers want full disclosures. Anything else makes us uncomfortable at best.

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