Mephisto Phoenix - Luxury Electronic Chess System

Mephisto Phoenix - Luxury Electronic Chess System

The most powerful chess computer of all time

Phoenix comes in a modern glass touch screen design and offers both the newest computing technologies along with retro engines from decades past.

Just how powerful is the Mephisto chess computer?

It is designed to play beginner players (900 ELO rating), Chess Grandmasters (2800+ ELO), all the way up to 3400 ELO!

Beautifully designed modern cabinet

The new high-end chess device with state-of-the-art technology offers almost everthing you'd expect from the royal game.

The modern cabinet comes with a large color touch screen made from real glass, matching its wooden board perfectly. With its clear and very responsive touch menu system, it is the perfect home station for chess enthusiasts of all ages, playing strengths, and experience levels.

the Phoenix with a Rosewood Board Bundle

Three ways to buy Mephisto Phoenix

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The Engines

In cooperation with Ruud Martin, the owner of Phoenix Chess Systems in the Netherlands, a multi-engine system has been developed, adding great variety.

With Shredder Neuronal and Stockfish 15 NNUE, you see the world's first dedicated chess computer using most modern neuronal engine technologies. The two high class commercial engines Hiarcs and Komodo are on board as well.

See and feel how different modern engines behave! With the large informative screen, you'll observe easily what the engine thinks and how differently things are evaluated.

Online Play Coming

The ability to use the ChessLink App directly on the unit without the need of any additional device will be implemented as a free update in 2023. This allows you to play on LiChess directly from your Phoenix using internal WiFi. You can play with millions of people all over the globe. (Meanwhile, you can still connect ChessLink Module MIL822 to the board to accomplish this now).

WiFi System Updates

Updates come via WiFi directly on the unit. If you purchase additional software in webstore it is installed as easy as the press of a button.

Powerful Hardware

The Phoenix uses a 1.5G 64-Bit Quadcore processor with 4G Ram provided by a Raspberry Pi 4B. It's 7 inch TFT screen with 1024x600 resolution gives you great insights into chess computers thinking processes and makes it easy to control the countless functions.

Powerful speakers bring you modern and clear sound effects fitting the systems look and feel perfectly.

It's suitable for the 40cm (17.5") Exclusive and the 55cm (21.7") Supreme boards with Piece Recognition.

The module has a size of approximately 18x13x9cm (7.1 x 5.1 x 3.5"). At more than 700 grams (1.5lbs), it's a device that feels sturdy.  

It offers connection to Millennium Boards with piece recognition, USB Type A for updates via USB Drive or PGN downloads, 9V DC In and WiFi Connection.

Brand New Board Construction

The chess boards with full sets bring several advantages compared to current Exclusive and Supreme Millennium boards.

They are made with MDF base construction with wooden veneer on the sides. They have a full protective dark rosewood and bright maple look. Everything is covered with transparent protective lacquer, bring more resistant to scratches and bumps as well as providing excellent protection against discoloration by sunlight. The LEDs are now fully flat integrated. The new boards feature a Mephisto badge matching the Phoenix.

Phoenix T model above shows the 21.7" Tournament board in Rosewood and Maple

Bright LEDs help you understand every piece movement and placement.

Software Features

The basic system is a UCI based multi-engine chess computer, expanded with classical chess computer emulations running at a remarkable high speed as well as the capability to play online on LiChess directly from the system.

It comes with 4 different Top-Class Engines on Board: Shredder 13.5, Komodo 14.1, Hiarcs 14.2 and Stockfish 15 NNUE. More engines are coming

Most powerful chess computer of all time

Of the built-in chess programs, Stockfish and Komodo in particular offer an extremely high playing strength which not even the current world champion could overcome.

Beginners on up

Starting from a very simple level, which is also suitable for absolute beginners, the system can reach a maximum performance of over 3400 ELO. In fact, there are countless options to adjust the playing strength to your individual needs. The system covers the widest playing strength range ever provided by a chess computer.  

The large screen offers deep insights.

Setting your strength

To set the strength, you can take the easiest route and let the computer adjust to your playing strength on its own. Use Shredder's ELO levels to adjust the program to your needs or choose Komodo's skill levels as a natural but not unbeatable chess opponent.

Or you use the speed limiter and fine-tune the engines without limiting them in an unnatural way. Whether you let a 6-year-old child playing against the computer or you always wanted to challenge a world chess champion, here you finally have the system to do it all.

Get your own ELO Rating

Shredder offers a highly interesting new function with its fully automatic self-adapting playing strength with ELO rating. In this way you can continuously monitor your progress and see how much you have improved through training with the computer. Komodo also contains an adaptive playing strength function which, in contrast to Shredder, adjusts itself while the game is in progress.

Innovative neuronal engines

Shredder and Stockfish can be used with their neuronal algorithms. MEPHISTO PHOENIX is the first chess computer to use this new technology. Experience how these powerful programs compare to classical engines.

Easy Game Evaluation

The evaluation bar beside the chess boards tells you at first glance how the engine is seeing the position. Any blunders are quickly noticed that way and you always have a feeling on how good you do.  

Many different level settings: Here are the tournament time controls.

Comfort Menu for Quick Access

Starting with the unit is easy. The comfort menu gives you the choice out of 6 well balanced, predefined profiles for each commercial engine. The Mephisto Development Team has set them with great care to show you the variety of the software and invite you to try them out. There is one for each type of player for sure! Just switch it on and start playing!

Of course: Welcome to modify the profiles per your needs. You like the game to be more aggressive? The ELO Limit a little lower? Just modify the values with the touch screen menu and save them in your profiles. You can create up to 18 different profiles this way!

The Profile Selection makes it easy to try the different engines at various levels.

UCI Engine Commands Made Easy

Each UCI Engine comes with its own set of very special settings, giving you a huge choice of influencing its play. You'll see the most important ones in the general menu where you can always find them easily. However, if the special ones provided only by individual engines appeal to you, access them by a dynamically created engine options sub menu. This allows Millennium to add any UCI Engine in the future along with convenient access of the most special options.

Great opening training per your needs

The machine comes with various opening books. The standard one by Mark Uniacke provides you with more then 1,000,000 positions, all from master play. This is the biggest opening book ever provided by a dedicated chess computer. There is furthermore a "fun" book with more unusual openings and also three specially designed books playing typical openings from chess stars like Carlsen, Fischer and Kasparov.

The system does not only allow you to limit the depth of book moves, but also you can advise the engine to use e.g. only the best 25% of moves.

What if you dislike an opening or like to train a special one? Just take back the move made by the engine, press move and it will play the second best automatically. So you can "scroll" through the opening options for your position directly on the board.

Powerful Analysis - Training Made Easy

With more then 3100 ELO for example with Komodo, you can setup any position via the position mode and take a deep look into the engines analysis. Also here the Evaluation Bar shows you quickly how the engine thinks. Switch on all the display options to see all the evaluations even during the game itself.

Emulate Classical Chess Computers from the 80s and 90s

The system can provide you with 20 historical Chess Computer Emulations. The Programmers Richard Lang, Johan de Koning, Ed Schroeder as well as Elmar Henne & Thomas Nitsche gave their permission to use their world champion systems from the past in this new computer.

Most remarkable is the “Mephisto Glasgow”, the legendary world championship program of 1984 - which runs on the Mephisto Phoenix system at a speed approximately 66 times faster than the original machine of the time.

Imagine what these classics can do with the todays processing power. With the speed bar you easily control the emulation speed or set it to the speed of the original chess computer, button and display layout follows the originals. Get back to the 1980s to explore the rise of computer chess.

Compared to the well know Revelation II chess computers, the Phoenix offers several advantages on its emulations: The higher speed is one aspect, the direct control of all functions with the touch buttons is another one. The highest focus however went into the new speed bar. It allows not only a seamless speed setting, but also to set the original speeds of the different chess computers available with the according program. Users can for example choose King 2.5 and toggle through Tasc R30 and Tasc R40 by simply pressing the middle of the emulation display. This way, each emulation provides access to a wider series of chess computers with different hardware.

The Profile Selection makes it easy to try the different engines at various levels.

Mephisto Glasgow is up to 66 times faster than the original computer back in 1984.

the Mephisto Phoenix is right for you if you

> wish to own the most powerful chess computer ever made, building a bridge between past glory days and todays modern style of playing chess off-and online,

> are interested in modern engine technologies, e.g. NNUE Technology,

> like to play with retro chess computers and see how these programs play on modern hardware,

> plan to play online on LiChess directly from your board, without the hassle of any additional connections or distracting communication devices (2023 update),

and that's just the beginning!

Three ways to buy Mephisto Phoenix

Sold out
Sold out
Sold out

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