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Renewing the Finish of your JLP Hardwood Games

  • May 05, 2022

The finish of any JLP hardwood product can be renewed and revitalized quite easily. In fact, any minor scratches will often disappear as a result.

We recommend the Heirloom Essentials Spotless Cleanser and Fine Furniture Polish by Woodwright products.

This cleaner and polish is a water base formula that performs well, does not deteriorate finished wood, and contains no silicone ammonia or wax.

The “Spotless” Cleanser easily removes oils and other residues. After this, polish to a rich luster with the Fine Furniture Polish.

It comes in a small, affordable quantity and is quite readily available.

Avoid silicone or wax. Silicone is a good oil but seems to degrade quicker. Wax is susceptible to watermarks, rings, and is visibly damaged with direct heat. Wax and silicone prevent easy repair. 

Heirloom Essentials Cleanser and Polish to Renew Finish

Removing Scratches and Restoring Finishes

JLP board games are finished with a multi-coat catalyzed conversion varnish.

For medium scratches that do not penetrate the finish into the wood itself, you can prepare the surface with a lacquer thinner or acetone, then apply a water based poly-urethane.

Note in particular though that when the water based poly-urethane is applied, it should be wiped on and then off relatively quickly. Don't allow it to stay in place for any length of time.

For deeper scratches reaching wood itself and where a completely renewed finish is desired, sanding down the entire surface is necessary with appropriate woodworking tools before reapplying the conversion varnish.

If you’re not sure which step of restoration, each one can be applied in order without damaging the board.  For example, start with Renewing the Finish. If that is not sufficient, try the Medium Scratch method with water-based polyurethane. If that still is not sufficient, you can remove the finish of a surface, sand it down, and reapply the appropriate varnish.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the Chess House support team.

The JLP Hardwood Games are an exclusive product line of Chess House.

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