Chess Books for Kids

For kids aged 5 and up we recommend three entry level, affordable books written in a workbook style.

  1. Chess Rules for Students - explanation of the rules of chess easily understood by young players
  2. Checkmate Ideas for Students - building on the basic concepts with how to finish a game
  3. Chess Tactics for Students. teaches tactical skills, the most exciting and useful part at this stage of learning. Tactics improve overall game, quickness of perception, and spotting winning moves.

Chandler's Chess for Children is charming for young kids that are new to the game.

How to Beat Your Dad at Chess is for good readers, explaining the best way to beat a stronger opponent (friend, club mate, or Dad!) by cleverly forcing checkmate. Fun, instructive positions from real games show the 50 Deadly Checkmates chess masters use to win games.

Todd wrote Chess Workbook for Children with easier vocabulary that 6-8 year old's would much easier follow and read on their own.

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