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Product Details

DGT Pi is a chess computer that turns your beautiful wooden DGT eBoard into a powerful chess playing device, complete with chess clock.

Eight different chess engines are included offering a variety of strengths and playing styles to enjoy.

Simply set up the board, connect DGT Pi and start playing. The computer moves are shown on the large display.

DGT Pi is a great tool for playing chess, for training and for analyzing games and positions over the board, using a traditional wooden chessboard and pieces. Chess engines included are StockFish, Texel, Arasan, Rodent II, Zurichess, Floyd, Cinnamon and Claudia.

DGT Pi is also a fully functional DGT3000 chess clock!

Please see the manual on the electronics manual page for more information.

Board and pieces are sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great Chess Computer - Amazing Clock, but...

Great device with an amazing chess clock, but like most people I bought it for the chess computer.

I’ve had a lot of issues with the unit, starting with the price, $200 or $249 from Amazon (depending on seller) or $300 from Chess House. I wanted to buy from Chess House due to their great service so managed to get a decent discount code. The unit itself is overly complex and - initially, I had to give up on some games as the device seemed to pack in and act erratically, but its been working better lately. I’m getting more used to it, but there’s a couple of things I think are lacking - on/off or reset button on the front, easier menu system among others.

It is well built and of course allows a single player to play with a proper chess board against a computer - but there is room for improvement.

Ordering and delivery from Chess House was great and it did arrive early, so overall I’m pleased enough to keep it and hopefully any firmware updates will make the playing experience more enjoyable.


About the french bulldog we say « it is a big volume in a small space »... I am tempted to use the same expression to describe the dgt pi chess. Wonderful tool !

Keeping for later usage.

At the moment I'm in the process of obtaining a windows based computer to run the DGT e-board although I can play chess matches against the computer I would like to have a full set up so that I may challenge live human opponents on the internet and have a whole experience to round out my setup. The clock works beautifully, I've yet to play a game one on one but I'm pretty sure with most of what I've read of this clock a world of new and exciting learning will take place in chess knowledge for me thus improving my game. Again thank you Chesshouse for the benefit of providing good sound equipment to enjoy for years to come.

Excellent clock/ computer for the value

I think it's quite amazing. Allowed me to play stockfish without being "attached" to my PC. That's the whole point of the DGT board! (you could play the software using fritz/chessbase but then you're still 'connected ' to your PC).

Great Chess Computer

I purchased a DGT Smart Board and DGT PI together in August of this year. You can access the many features of the computer through the button driven menu system on the front of the DGT PI such as setting the clock and the engine you wish to play against and its strength. No special technical knowledge is needed to use these options, and as I said, there are many options.

DGT PI is built from a DGT 3000 clock, and two "open" components: a Raspberry PI computer and a software package called picochess. As a result, it is highly customizable for the technically inclined. For example to connect the DGT PI to your wireless network and email the games.pgn file to you after each game, or do an automatic update of the software on boot up, you will need to modify a file in the DGT PI named picochess.ini. However, this technical tinkering is not needed to enjoy using the DGT PI.

In my case I have a background in Computer Science and was able to set up these additional customizations. I had to do some research on the Web to figure it all out, and if you have the background you can get it to work as well. But to be clear, you don't need a technical background to enjoy the vast majority of the DGT PIs features.

I currently am using the menus to set the Engine to Rodent III and am experimenting with it's many personalities (i.e. playing strengths and styles). I'm loosing a lot of these games so I'm going to adjust the clock to give me more time. There are YouTube videos on the web that demonstrate how to use the DGT Smart Board and PI to analyze a game or for training purposes. I'm also experimenting with those uses and having great fun. For me the selling point is to have all these options for playing chess "over the board" vs a computer screen. The physical act of moving the pieces I find helpful in learning and improving my chess.

In short I am very happy with this product and very pleased with the service I received from ChessHouse. Highly recommended.

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