Chronos Chess Clocks

The Chronos chess clock became known in the U.S. as the most full-featured, reliable, and sturdy chess clock.
The operation of the Chronos chess clock is unquestionably efficient, almost beautiful. However, learning to program time controls on the Chronos chess clock for the first time required either a time consuming foray into the 76 page manual or a demonstration from a previous Chronos owner.
For this reason, most people who own Chronos chess clocks either love their clock fanatically or gave it up in the first few days.

The stury clock has an astoundingly comprehensive array of settings hidden behind multitudinous button presses, any of which can be brought forward to a preset and accessed very easily from then on.

The Chronos could handle nearly any timing configuration, double, multiple, or endless timing periods. Manufactured in the USA, the metal case design withstands harsh use typical of fanatical chess players.

The nearly unparalleled clear LCD display and low profile made it a perfect choice for fast or slow play.

As of 2014 Chess House is no longer carrying the product due to quality control issues and lack of supply.
Instead, we are recommending the VTEK300 chess clock which although, 30% more in price has these essentials covered
  • easy to understand, intuitive menu design
  • all the features one could wish, including USCF and FIDE modes
  • beautiful sturdy metal construction
  • large, clear display and configurable indicators


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