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About The ZMF Pro Clock

The ZMF Pro Chess Clock incorporates many desirable features, yet is so simple to learn and use that you'll be playing in minutes. Sold worldwide, many years of feedback and evaluating user experience of the ZMF line has led to this amazing and durable PRO version clock.

From the straightforward easy set time controls, preset tournament modes and user custom 2 or 3 stage time control modes for tournaments and other non-chess timing modes, this clock truly has something for everyone - whether club, class, tournament, Blitz or professional user.

A robust metal case with a scratch resistant powder coat finish and solid metal touch sensitive toggle means longevity of life, no moving parts and less to go wrong. The highly visible large LCD display is easy to read and even increases the enjoyment for spectators.

Additional features include Fischer and Bronstein style increment and delay, move counter, dual count, Blitz, hourglass mode, as well as non-chess timing options for Go, Scrabble and Shogi.


  • Heavy duty metal case with powder coat finish in three colors: Black, Blue and Silver
  • Touch sensitive solid metal sensors
  • Tournament time controls with additional custom user controls
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
  • Manual and AA batteries included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Top Notch

This is just the best timer for chess & backgammon. Sturdy, reliable, easy control, beautiful.

Forget those plastic atrocities made in china or feigned clocks like Tempest.

Three presets will be all you need and these can be stored individually. (A fact which isn't stretched in the official description) Those other time formats you only need now and then can be programmed fairly easy, the manual is clear.

Imo the metal case is worth the price. The touch buttons - in both versions - are most pleasant. LED counters are BIG as they should.

Nearly everybody in my community uses this clock.

Intuitive, attractive, useful clock

Programming this clock is a delight compared to consulting eye-watering, tiny lists of different kinds of time controls. Made of metal and with capacitive sensors rather than mechanical buttons (or a lever, etc.), you'll be able to keep it in the family for generations, if that's your wish. Has all the controls for chess I'll ever use with delay, "bonus" time (before or after a move), multiple periods, and so on. It's also quite handsome, in my opinion, though that's subjective, of course.

One star off (I'd make it just a half if I could) for lacking byo-yomi time--I also play go, and shogi uses this time system as well. A weird choice, as the cheaper ZMF-II does have this feature.

Andy Czerwonka

As a beginner to official timekeeping, this is a very simple interface, I didn't even have to read the instructions really. Works great.

Easy to Program

The AMF Pro clock is built like a tank, great looking, and easy to program.
It took about fifteen minutes from unboxing to have it set up for G15 d10, 40/90 SD30 d5, and G115 d5.
I barely had to use the instructions to program the clock, and I usually struggle with new gadgets/technology.

James Mischler
Great product

Has all the features I wanted and is easy to use. The price was cheaper than Amazon, too.. Very satisfied!