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For most classes the 20" square vinyl rollup chessboard with the standard size 3 3/4" pieces is ideal. These are conveniently available in just two styles.

We highly recommend green chessboards for the classroom since green is calming for extended periods of concentration.

If you have a smaller surface area to work with and need smaller chessboards than the 20" boards, there are a few options. See the 16.5" folding cardboard style, and 17" vinyl rollup boards. For extra small, there are even 14" vinyl rollup boards (called an Analysis set, since it's still good for study, but not for competition play).

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Heavy Club Chess Set
Sale price$27.00 USD
Save $2.50
Basic Club Chess Set
Sale price$17.00 USD Regular price$19.50 USD
Save $10.40
Deluxe Heavy Club Flex Pad Chess Set Combo
Sale price$49.50 USD Regular price$59.90 USD
Save $10.00
Heavy Club Flex Pad Chess Set
Sale price$29.00 USD Regular price$39.00 USD
Quality Regulation Chess Set - Chess Set - Chess-House
Quality Regulation Chess Set
Sale price$19.50 USD
ChessHouse Club Chess Set - Chess Set - Chess-House
ChessHouse Club Chess Set
Sale price$14.50 USD
Quality Club Chess Set on Flex Pad Board
Sale price$29.00 USD
Inspiration Club Chess Set on Flex Pad
Sale price$42.00 USD
Save $1.50
Chess4Life Starter Set - Chess Set - Chess-House
Chess4Life Starter Set
Sale price$16.00 USD Regular price$17.50 USD
17" Classroom Chess Set
Sale price$19.00 USD