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Selecting Chess Sets for the Classroom

  • February 09, 2022

Which chess sets are a good choice for the classroom? Here are tips to help you save time finding the right equipment, how to set up and even store it. Plus, I'll share some of my favorite teaching resources for class.

A regulation size club chess set is the starting point. These have 20" vinyl boards. If you have smaller table or desk surfaces, you can obtain 17" chessboards.

The recommended plastic pieces are solid and easily replaced if needed. It's called a Club Chess Set and is ideal for the classroom.

Green is demonstrated here although many colors can be available. Green is the most brain friendly color for longer periods of concentration.

Although you only need the full set of pieces and board, bags like the one shown can help keep the chess sets organized, portable, and ready to play.

Where to find chess supplies

In the collection Chess Sets for Classrooms, you'll find these three chess sets shown in the video above, plus some other options - all suitable for class.

> Basic Chess Set (in 20")
> Quality Regulation Chess Set (20")
> 17" Classroom Chess Set

Chess House offers special pricing for bulk orders. So whether you need a single, 10, 20, or 40+, you'll find the ideal mix of quality, price, and guarantee.

Schools purchasing departments can efficiently buy from Chess House with a Purchase Order since Chess House is recognized as a vendor in most districts throughout the U.S.


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