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Millennium Chess Computer - Chess Genius Exclusive

Product Code: MIL820

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Product Details

Chess Genius Exclusive is currently the most luxurious and affordable hands-on electronic board game - perfect for solo chess play.

Exclusive is engineered in Germany following many years of careful listening and discussion with avid players and computer enthusiasts. These people helped architect the ultimate hands-on chess game for the home.

For example, it was found that the most comfortable size chessboard (smaller than tournament and larger than portable sizes) would measure just under 16" (40cm) square. And it would be beautiful. The handmade, elegant wooden sensor-board is exactly that - attractive to display.

During game play, the eye must be able to stay on the board and not depend on glancing to the side. For this reasons, 81 LEDs clearly illuminate moves as you play them and as the computer beckons you to respond with its move.

The ideal chess computer doesn't require you to press down on the squares. That's why built-in, fully-automatic piece detection is achieved with new rapid-sensing technology.

The computer unit is located in a separate cabinet with a generously sized display. It offers numerous display options similar to the earlier world-class computers from Mephisto, and of course chess timing during a match.

The cable connection between the clock and board makes it possible to exchange the hardware module and make future software updates via USB.

It's powered by an ARM Cortex M7 processor with 300 MHz and a significantly increased Flash and RAM-memory serves as motor for the hardware.

Estimated tournament strength of the ChessGenius Exclusive range between 2350 and 2400 ELO which even surpasses the performance level of the legendary Mephisto world champion computers

Thanks to this a new era of development in Munich, Germany, the Exclusive is being enjoyed by chess computer enthusiasts all over the world.

In September, 2018, Millennium announced the ChessLink, further expanding this Exclusive with connectivity to tablet, PC and more!


  • Board size approx: 15.75" x 15.75" x .78" (40 x 40 x 2 cm)
  • Hardware: ARM Cortex M7 / 300MHz / 2048 KB ROM / 384 KB RAM
  • Handcrafted wooden board¬†with automatic rapid piece detection sensors
  • Display of chess moves: 81 single-field LED (each 4 per field)
  • Display in LCD:¬†separate chess clock-module¬†with very large¬†display (73 x 39 mm),¬†adjustable back-lighting and flexible display options (Chess clock, multi-line Info- displays, entire chess field)
  • Future expansion with software updates¬†via USB-interface
  • Hardware module can be replaced entirely
  • Options for¬†the USB interface:¬†memorizing of parties, optional download of opening libraries, firmware- updates or engines
  • Power supply and connection with adapters for international sockets
  • Programmed by Richard Lang, based on¬†popular world-champion programs
  • Playing strength > 2300 ELO (tournament level)
  • Various playing levels suitable for advanced players,¬†very good¬†club- and¬†tournament players up to¬†international tournament levels
  • Levels - challenging; fun (computer blunders); easy (limit of the calculated positions); speed; tournament with or¬†without¬†Fischer-clock, etc
  • CPU speed: 50-300 MHz adjustable
  • Opening library range between¬†Classic London Book (57,000 Positions) such as¬†the new¬†Master Book (>300,000 Positions)¬†by M. Uniacke
  • Menu: cursor-guided display¬†with 5 lines, plus scrolling
  • 7 languages (it can default to German on first play, so watch prompts carefully to choose desired language, especially if English)
  • 2 player mode play and analyzing
  • Chess trainer includes¬†extensive warning and help functions.

Many extensive features

  • Display of hint moves, position evaluation and main variant, permanent brain calculations, move number, depth of the calculation and the number of calculated shifts
  • Various playing modes
  • Position control with board display
  • Analyzing mode with¬†many options
  • Auto- playing mode
  • Alternative variation moves
  • Settings for display contrast, reverse board, calculator speed,¬†position of chess clock¬†left or right, and more

Included in Box

  • Wooden sensory chessboard
  • Wooden chessmen
  • Chess computer module
  • Power supply with adapters EU/GB/US (240V / 110V)
  • Connection cables
  • Printed Manual. See also Manual Download (PDF)

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great Service.

Great Service, order was shipped fast and arrived on time. I emailed Chesshouse whit a question, I got response fast and the Info was very helpful.



This was a excellent gift for my brother who loves playing chess. He is delighted how it works.

Excellent machine - support is at (not where the manual says)

This is a really nice all-wood chess computer, running an updated version of the program that beat then-champion Garry Kasparov in 1995.
Playing on it is a real pleasure, since the computer recognizes when you move the pieces without having to press any buttons or even push down on the pieces.
Lights on the board clearly show the computer's moves, so you can play without any distractions from the electronics.

It plays a very strong game of chess, and also offers "Fun" and "Easy" levels so you can have a chance to win even if you're not a strong chess master. You can also reduce the speed from 300Mhz in steps down to 50Mhz, another way to weaken the computer. It has several built-in opening books, plus the option of downloading a custom opening book.

With the 2018 update, it gives you a choice between Normal, Risky/Aggressive and Solid playing styles. If you want even more variety, you can spring for the Chess Link software and connect to engines on phones/tablets (and possibly pc's eventually). I particularly like the Hiarcs app on iOS, which has a very different playing style, plus a huge

Note: as of 10/28/2018, support for this unit can now be found at - the site listed in the manual doesn't quite work.
That will be important, since that's where you'll get the firmware updates (my unit didn't originally have the 2018 update - now it does), downloadable user opening books, and the software to read/write PGN files to your PC


I am very impressed by this chess board. The game play is exactly what I wanted, just move the pieces like an ordinary game. No pressing down before and after each move or having to look at the screen for the computers next move. It is expensive, but for me it was definitely worth it and I’m glad I bought it.

The one to get!

I was out of the chess scene for about 20 years and wanted to get back into playing. When I used to play regularly, I wasn't anything special, but avove your average person who played for fun. Anyway, now that I'm getting back into it, I'm doing it with passion. I wanted a chess computer that was stand alone, well-made, feature loaded, and could handle everything from total newbie to expert. I spent a LOT of time researching the boards and options out there and this kept standing out as the way to go. Was I ever impressed when it finally came! Great size (not regulation, but not small by far), excellent quality pieces, board, and computer, easy instructions, many, many options...more than I thought I'd be able to get! I cannot stand 2D games (even nice ones on the computer that are 3D don't work well for me...maybe I'm weird but I grew up playing on a real board and even when I study from chess books, I always put out the pieces on a board instead of just looking at the diagrams. This is not some toy by miles and you'll know when you have one that is it certainly worth the price. The great guys at Chess House are the BEST to deal with. I had a few emails back and forth, then a few phone calls, even! Never any rushing, never any pressure. Cannot recommend Chess House or this board highly enough!

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