the STACK chessboard: art, originality, and function

the StackTM

innovative hardwood chess board

At the intersection of art, originality, and function is the Stack chessboard, designed by Chess House and handcrafted in the Pennsylvania backcountry, from 3 natural materials: hardwood, suede, and magnets.

It's the perfect way to checkmate and enjoy the game in style.

From the original walnut and maple wood selection to the ultra-smooth finish highlighting natural wood grains, the Stack exudes a refined cleverness and intrinsic presence.

The STACK board

Within a few motions, the Stack converts into a seamless chessboard

One by one John pours his heart into each phase of production, carefully and methodically constructing the Stack before assigning each one its limited edition number. The entire process takes days to ensure proper finish curing. John's Pennsylvania wood-working heritage has run in the family for over 200 years. He and his family only sleep with a job well done.

Designed by Chess House, the Stack dispels the dimensional regimen of wooden chess boards with a hybrid work of art and standard size chessboard.

The most remarkable design aspect is the way each quadrant cleverly aligns with internalized magnets invisible from view when the chessboard is ready for play.

The unique three sided box holds each stacked quadrant with symmetry. Angled corners ensure that the chess board itself remains the focal point and provides natural ways to remove each layer from the wooden box.

Every Stack is carefully engraved with it's own limited edition series until the 250th is produced.

It can be paired with a wide variety of wood chessmen to make a statement - even while on display.

Now available in limited quantity
the STACK chess board