1.d4 - Beat the Guerrillas! - Bronznik

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About The 1.d4 - Beat the Guerrillas! - Bronznik

This manual fills a big gap in chess literature. After 1.d4, probably the most widely played opening move in the world, Black can avoid main line theory by deviating into a whole variety of irritating unorthodox sidelines. White players often stumble into unknown and dangerous territory where their tricky opponent awaits them, fully prepared. Acclaimed chess author Valeri Bronznik provides sound and user-friendly answers to no less then nineteen unusual variations and gambits. Against the Budapest Gambit, Marshall Defence, Englund Gambit, Baltic Defence, Schara-Hennig Gambit, Keres Defence and many others, chess amateurs are presented with easy-to-learn plans and comprehensive counter-attacks. After studying this book, club and internet chess players will be fully armed to deal with all of Blacks offbeat tries. From now on they will be able to beat the guerrillas!

Provides effective recipes against unusual variations, including:
  • Englund Gambit
  • Budapest Gambit
  • Schara-Hennig Gambit
  • English Defense
  • Baltic Defense
  • Keres Defense
  • Marshall Defense
  • Owen Defense
  • Albin's Counter Gambit
  • and many others
  • 224 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: New In Chess
  • Published: December, 2011
  • IM John Donaldson, jeremysilman.com: "A very practical way to learn how to meet lesser seen defenses."
  • German Federation for Correspondence Chess: "An honest and convincing work that is heartily recommended. White players will learn how to throw a spanner in the works when Black chooses an unorthodox line after 1.d4."
  • Europa Rochade Magazine: "Working with this convenient guide is a joy because of the completeness and the very pleasant way in which the author combines theoretical knowledge with practical advice."
  • KARL Magazine: "Although concrete variations are the main thing, Bronznik gives a lot more strategic explanations than Avrukh and Khalifman in their repertoire books."
  • Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe: "Simple, easy-to-play and understand solutions (..) Tons of new ideas (..) For the serious player, this is an excellent book and a time-saver. For the avarage club player, it may be a little too advanced, but will nevertheless provide first-rate guidance against a bunch of sharp or unusual lines."

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