14” Folding Chess Box and Set

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Product Details

Here's a gem of a set for all ages, suitable for home or travel. Why? We've designed this folding wooden set with magnetic pieces that not only look and feel great, they are steady in unstable conditions!

Add to this, the extra queens, and individual piece storage placements inside the folding board.

We've ditched the traditional green for striking black felt interior and capped it off with a black felt drawstring protective cover. Now that's a gift - to yourself or a loved one!Β 

From the quality black protective cover to the richly carved, aromatically pleasant wood and high quality materials, this impressive set is bound to offer that 'just right' experience!

Strong magnets provide a stable playing experience even in bumpy conditions on the road or when moved around.Β  Thoughtfully designed individual internal piece storage in plush foam topped with black velour will protect the pieces from damage.

The board is encased in solid shisham wood frame (dalbergia sissoo) with finger join corner construction provides great stability and longevity for this set.

See KS002 for the same design in a larger 16 inch size


  • Solid wood frame construction
  • Dimensions; 14 x 7 x 2 3/8" Folded,Β  14 x 14 x 1 1/8" Unfolded
  • Square Size 1.5"
  • Entire product weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Pieces are made from Shisham & Boxwood
  • King Height: 2 3/4 (2.75")
  • King Base: 1"
  • King Weight: .7 oz
  • Piece Set weight: 10.6 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Carolyn Bianchi
Very lovely set

The set is carefully well made with the pieces stored in precut cushioning that protects them nicely.
The chessboard/container is not only sturdy but beautiful. I also love that it was packaged so well to ship - wrapped in paper, then bubble wrap and placed inside not one but two shipping boxes.

Lois Ridgway

After searching online for a gift for my son in law, I ordered this one and hoped for the best. We were so pleased when we received this set, It is beautiful and the pieces look hand carved. It looks far more expensive than it was. An added bonus, It folds for travel and the pieces fit inside in individually padded slots. We’re very happy with this set!

Constantine Malmberg
Good looking set.

The set is as advertised. Good looking and functional.

Susan Heater
Amazing Quality!

I ordered this set for my husband. When it arrived we were thrilled with the quality of the board and the pieces!

Rob A.
Disappointed. Not the premium board I was expecting

While the board and pieces are absolutely beautiful there were several issues with the product that were so obvious I couldn’t believe this ever passed quality checks from such a reputable company. Several pieces have defects in the form of chips (notably the Bishops but also others), mismatched colors (specifically, the two white queens were different shades of white), peeled felt lining on the bottom of multiple pieces, dried excess glue by felt causing some pieces to wobble while on board, and weak magnets on certain pieces to the point that some will slide off the board when the board is gently tilted (most pieces have very strong magnets but some, not so much). I also found it weird that some pieces repel each other when trying to touch their bottoms together while others actually attracted other pieces, all however stuck to the board. Maybe I don’t know enough about magnets but I would think all pieces would repel each other if they all also stick to the board but who knows. Then the felt carrying bag that came with the board has a small tear in the side and while it’s not a huge issue at present it will likely only get worse as time goes on. Finally, the board itself has several defects in the form of one super loose latch that requires no effort to pop open compared to the other latch as well as the board severely wobbling when laid in the normal play position with all the pieces removed. It literally rocks back and forth across two opposite corners. Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed and so are my parents who purchased this product with the assumption that such a reputable company would go to great lengths to ensure quality control. I’ve contacted support hoping to rectify the situation but I doubt there’s any way to guarantee a replacement board be above the quality defects mentioned above so I’m not really sure what do outside of completely returning it. I would have expected this level of quality from one of those $40 Amazon chess sets, not this one and certainly not one sold by Chess House.

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