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Product Details

This unique reproduced 1849 Jaques Design Chess Pieces in Padauk first debuted by Jaques of London in, you guessed it, 1849.  Only 500 sets were made and each were numbered and signed by Chess Master Howard Staunton.  The 'Staunton' style design, being universally easier to identify the different pieces and being shorter in height compared to most sets produced around that time, caught the attention of players in London and then spread around the world, soon establishing itself as a standard by which other designs were measured.

A further advancement of that original design was the markings stamped into the knight and rook to identify their specific position as "king side" pieces (see product photo). 

There is some debate as to the specific person who came up with the design but it is generally attributed to Nathanial Cooke since he applied for the product patent.  

Now is your chance to own a reproduction of the original Staunton designed set and start making your own history with them today.

Features and Specs
  • King height: 4 5/8"
  • King base: 2"
  • King weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Green felted base
  • 32 pieces + 2 extra queens
  • Entire set weight: 4 lbs. 3.6 ounces

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