19" Queen's Gambit Style Chess Board (Original Design from Spain)

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About The 19" Queen's Gambit Style Chess Board (Original Design from Spain)

This Queen's Gambit Chess Board is an exquisite replica of the one featured in the finals of the USSR 1968 Championship match between Beth Harmon and Vasily Borgov in the Netflix series 'The Queen's Gambit'.

Made in Spain, the board showcases a beautiful design, with light Ash root and dyed poplar veneer, accentuated by an interior border parkay inlay. Measuring 19.6" square (500 mm) with 2" squares (50 mm), it features dark squares and border crafted from black dyed poplar, and light squares made of Ash root. The board's matte finish and parkay inlay enhances its sophistication.  For anyone who was captivated by the Netflix Series, this board is a reminder of the heights one can achieve when they dare to pursue their dreams.


  • Dark Squares and Border: Black Dyed Poplar
  • Light Squares: Ash Root
  • Finish: Mat
  • 19.6" Square (500 mm)
  • 2" Squares (50 mm)
  • 1/2" thick
  • Made in Spain

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