21.5" Barcelona Deluxe Chess Board in Walnut

Product Code: E910

  • $169.00 USD

Product Details

This unique deluxe walnut and maple chess board pairs very well with a wide variety of chess pieces. The stylish angled corners are a new design from Barcelona. The high quality finish and smooth feel provide the ultimate experience with any quality wooden chessmen that have a felt base.

The best chess pieces to pair with this board are light and dark chessmen such as boxwood and ebonized pieces.

This premium finish board has 2 1/8" Squares, a comfortable size for most 3.5" to 3.75" tall Staunton design pieces. 


  • Walnut and Maple
  • 21 5/8" Square (550 mm)
  • 2 1/8" Squares (55 mm)
  • Premium finish, made in Spain

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim Barksdale
Quick delivery and beautiful table.

Ones I finished my online order, I got a nice acknowledgment email. This is common with most online sellers. The uncommon thing was a email the next day that the two chessboard that I ordered were shipped. Within two days, I had my chessboards. Wow.
The chessboards were just as pictured and described in the information. Two beautiful chessboards were on my living room table within a short time of ordering them.
One for chess and the other for checkers.

Back in the 1960’s and early 70’s, my father owned a foundry. Mostly for the commercial industry work but branched out doing bronze artwork for some local artists. Own his own, he started to cast chess pieces. He made 3 or 4 sets that turned out beautifully. Shortly after he did that, he sold the business.
When my father passed, my mother gave my brother the set that we had out in the family house. A few years later, I was helping clean out their garage, I found a few chess pieces. The more I cleaned, the more I found. When I finished, I had found a complete chess set. I was overjoyed. My wife helped clean the pieces up and now with the chessboard I got from you. My fathers chess set is beautifully on display in my front living room.

Thank you,
Jim Barksdale

M. Gerlach

As it is already out of stock (like so many chessboards and pieces since "Queen's Gambit")I am particularly happy about having been able to get this beautiful board.
With it's 55mm squares it is still fine for my 4,4mm diameter king (and smaller) as you can see on the photo.
It is a real eye-catcher, excellent work and very smooth finish. All that at a very reasonable price!
Perfect handling by Chess House and only 5day delivery from Lyndon to Hamburg (Germany) by FedEx International.
I strongly recommend.
Thank you

Sindy Smith
Beautiful board

Great color and material. Well made. I set it up in my living room so the kids can play chess anytime. It looks beautiful.

Karen Aronson
Need a return label

The chess board I ordered was beautiful but way too large. I called Chess House and emailed too and am waiting for a return label in order to mail the board back. Hope to get one soon!

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