21" Ebony, Maple and Acacia Chess Board with Molded Edge   Free Shipping  

Product Code: KS007

  • $299.00 USD

Product Details

This striking wood board with real Ebony and Maple squares is a solid choice to pair with your favorite chessmen.

The Acacia wood edge molding provides both decoration as well as another layer of color and depth, making the board particularly suitable for a wide range of wood shades including ebony, acacia and golden rosewood.  

The smooth, clear-protected board surface enables you to slide felted pieces for the best playing experience.

The entire chessboard has a base covered in felt ensuring protection of any surface you on which you choose to display the board.

Sizing for Chess Pieces: At 21", it's tournament size, providing an solid platform for standard pieces 3.75" tall, more or less.  The recommended pieces size have a King Base diameter ranging from 1 5/8 to 1 7/8" with 1 3/4" being optimal.


  • Board width: 20 3/4"
  • Square size:  2 1/4"
  • Board height: 1 3/4"
  • Handcrafted in India.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Florian Cerny
    Nearly perfect.... but

    I almost love everything about the chessboard, its beautifully crafted and really packed carefully BUT
    when I unpacked it, sadly - one of the pointy edges was chipped and dented. Someone might have dropped it befor shipping.
    I repaired it the best I could. Honestly I didn't really expect that at this price level.
    The damage did not come from shipping because the parcel was perfectly fine and undamaged,
    so it must have been overseen befor sending it out. (can happen - should not happen) - Lets see if I get any kind of benefit.
    But apart from this damage - all perfect.

    Jeffrey Accardo
    Beautiful board

    Amazing craftsmanship and weight pictures don't do it justice, highly recommended, but it now!

    Beautiful and elegant!

    This board fits perfectly with my 1959 Zagreb pieces.

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