3 3/4" Colored Chess Pieces - Set of 17 Pieces

Product Code: E104C-MAC

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Product Details

Brightly colored basic chess pieces let you pick the color combo you like. Choose your school colors, or your child's favorite. Same size and specs as club and class chess pieces.

To make a complete set, just choose your color and Add to cart twice


  • Set of 17 plastic pieces in single color (double queens)
  • Ideal with 20" vinyl roll-up boards.
  • Pieces have paper felt on base.
  • King height: 3 3/4"
  • King base: 1 1/2"
  • King weight: .8 oz
  • Set weight: 7.4 oz
  • Pawn height: 1 13/16"
  • Green felt paper bases

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Chess Pieces

Great large pieces - perfect for young beginners!
Great customer service. Quick shipping!

Teacher Jay
Check the size of the pieces!

Excellent customer service. Great colours. (Canadian, eh.)
The pieces are larger than I expected, so measure your board spaces before you order.

Excellent Service

For me this is a valued company and website. Orders are filled and sent quickly. In the first order there were missing some pieces but the company made it right and promptly. The company reps answered my emails and was responsive to my needs. Thank You!

Lee L
Good weight and feel, fun colors

We now have a school colors set and a scouts colors set for our Scout Troop. Good weight and feel to the pieces, sturdy pieces that survive riding around in a bag together.

Jon Lee
3 3/4" Colored Chess Pieces

Overall quite happy with the product. Nice quality pieces that feel sturdy and look great.

The only issue we had was with determining the exact color of the pieces based on the preview images. We got a set of neon green and a set of green pieces.

Neither set are quite the shade of green we expected. The green set is not quite as nice as the color we expected however the neon green pieces look even better than we expected.

One other small thing is that the base of the king and queen very slightly overlap the squares on the 14" chess mat that we got. I would recommend getting either the 17" or 20" if that is an issue for you.

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