OPEN BOX DEAL ITEM: Millennium Chess Master II - Electronic Chess Computer

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About The OPEN BOX DEAL ITEM: Millennium Chess Master II - Electronic Chess Computer

This Item:

Get a big discount on this open box returned item in good condition. Unsealed or very slightly used.

About Deal Items:

Deal items are products that may be new, slightly used, or in some way not suitable as a regular price product. Products may become deal items for any reason, box damage, not regular stock, imperfect, or very slight damage. Sometimes new products arrive with small small scratches or dents that disqualify as new during quality control checks at the warehouse. Defects may at times be hardly noticeable and at other times quite obvious but a reasonable effort is made to portray accurately.

Original Item Description:

Chess Master II is ideal for beginners and children! 

  • Young players will enjoy the smooth sensory chess board with steady magnetic pieces. This ensures the most fun and many hours of play.
  • All special rules of chess are built-in for a better learning and playing experience including help, hints, takebacks and much more! LCD screen displays current chess board position and moves in both visual and notation form (E2 E4).
  • Portable design with magnetic pieces to keep nicely in place. The chess computer runs well on batteries. Compartment beneath stores all pieces securely.
  • Besides Chess it includes 7 classic games: Draughts, Reversi, Chinese Checkers, Connect Four, Nim, Fox & Geese and Northcote mind games.
  • Optional AC Adapter available separately M811 power supply with international connections can be used instead of AA batteries.

The playing levels of Millennium Master II reach to an intermediate level or rating around 1750. In simple terms this will challenge 95% of chess players. 

With 100 interactive practice positions, can you solve the puzzles? All chess rules, for example castling, pawn promotion, and en-passant are part of the logic, plus many openings. When no one is available to play chess, you can still play great games with the electronic chess computer! And you can adjust the level of play to suit yourself. It will save the last game position (before switched off) to enable game to be continued.

The LCD display shows the entire surface and offers numerous help tips, functions, and tutorial programs. Select between 13 languages for menus and help functions. Each game can be played through at several different difficulty levels. Position verification, position set-up and move-cancelling functions available. Quick-response sensor board for easy and comfortable use.

AA batteries are NOT included


  • Unit Dimensions: 10" x 7" x 1"
  • Playing Surface: 6" x 6"
  • Square size: 3/4" (.75)
  • Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
someone who plays chess
open box gamble

I love my open box gamble. My chess set is in great condition and functions as it should. Thank you Chess House for the offering.

Useful & Fun Little Board

I love and collect computer chess boards. I own both the higher priced Millennium King Performance and Chess Genius Exclusive, The DGT Centaur and the Square Off Pro. All of them have advanced features and some permit online play.

But I could not resist adding this little board to my growing collection, particularly at the open box price!

First off all, "open box" meant in my case that the box was a bit banged up, the chess pieces had been used, and that's it. Absolutely nothing wrong with the board or its playability.

And boy can it play! This little thing is a bunch of fun! Portable, battery powered, magnets are sufficient, the electronics of the board are intuitive and easy to figure out. I've already played a few games with this and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weak part of this is the chessman: lose one, and you're sunk--and I could easily see this getting upset on an airplane and pieces scattering. I'm hoping I can buy an extra set of pieces somewhere, or find a cheap travel set with magnetic pieces that will fit the squares, because, man, these pieces are tiny! In the meantime I will just have to be careful to count and put away the pieces (which fit inside the board!) after every session.

I would not hesitate to recommend this board for an inexpensive computer chess experience! You'll have fun!

Chess Master II

I have used chess house multiple times and, every time I received a great product along with outstanding customer service. The Chess Master II - Electronic Chess Computer is a great product, I take it with me on business trips and motorcycle rides. I would recommend it and chess house.

Eric Bautista
Millennium Chess Champion (or Chess Master II )

Machine arrived safely and quickly and in a well-packaged box. Machine works and is new. I am very happy (esp. with the deeply
discounted price). So far @ level 6 I easily defeated the computer....I am an intermediate level player and my online
rating has reached a high of 1687 as of Oct 2019. I am sure I will enjoy many hours playing the computer. The availability
of playing other games (7 more including checkers) is a big plus. Overall I have nothing to complain about....I give this
item the best of the best ratings.

william hutchinson

it worked out fine. i’m playing w/ charlie chess right now.