American Revolutionary War Chess Pieces - SAC Hand Decorated

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At the time of King George III's coronation in 1760 the British were the preeminent power on the North American sub-continent. They had a difficult time persuading the colonists of the territory to pay taxes to the British Crown and as a result, outbreaks of violence occurred which eventually escalated into full scale war between Britain and its North American colony. The sculptor and artists have taken some of the principal characters from the era to create this superb chess set. Shown in its hand decorated form the historically authentic hand crafted chess set pieces will enable you to re-live some of the major battles and engagements and perhaps...who knows? Can you alter the course of history?

These chessmen are made out of Polyresin, which is a crushed stone composite. It has the look and feel of stone, but the durability of a plastic. It is truly the best of both worlds.


  • Chess set pieces only, board not included.
  • King Height: 4 3/8"
  • Base size: 1 3/8"

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