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Product Details

The individual or club player's regulation chess set with more stylish Staunton chessmen is one of the best ways to get equipped affordably with a great chess set that will be useful in any environment.

For clubs needing bulk sets this is even more affordable with the quantity discounts that apply instantly.

The Staunton chess pieces in addition to their attractive new style are a friendly beige and black, instead of the generic black and white.

The roll-up vinyl Chess House mat is the official style chess board that is very easy to store flat in bulk or rolled up with a loop and pouch bag.

If you ever lose a chess piece, Chess House makes it painless to replace whether it's 6 months or 10 years later.

Staunton Club Chess Pieces

  • 34 durable chess pieces (including 2 bonus Queens)
  • King height: 3 7/8"
  • King base: 1 1/2"
  • Set weight: 16.0 oz.
  • Green felted bottoms
Vinyl Roll-up Chessboard
  • Board size: 20" x 20"
  • 2 1/4" squares
  • Minimal vinyl odor design
  • TIP: For storage, be sure to roll chess board with squares outward to ensure board lays flat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Michael Blake
Disappointed in the shipping time.

I bought 5 of these sets to give to student this Friday 02-24-23. I paid the extra shipping charges so they would be delivered in time. I just got a notice that they have been delayed. Now i have paid for something I did not receive, and some free chess set that were to be given to students are now a waste of money and my time as I will now need to return these sets.

Mark Staebell

Way better than I could have hoped for!

Gail Graff
Chess elective

We ordered sets for our new Chess elective. Chess House worked with us to get the number of sets we needed at a price we could afford...despite supply chain issues! Thanks so much for your help!

David Moskovitz
More elegant design

I think these are the Staunton "Competition" pieces, more elegant than the standard regulation or Master series, except for the knight, who looks out of place, and the rook, who is a little high waisted. Good quality, the usual stuff. They're plastic chess pieces, they have visible seams, if you care about that sort of thing. Unweighted, for easier travel, and less damage when tossed about. I like the warm-tone tan rather than white - dirt looks like an interesting patina instead of grimey kid-finger PB&J residue.

Alexander Chapman.
Tournament sized pieces and board.

It is a great knock-around set that will tolerate wear and tear. Doesn't come with a case but for under $21 delivered, it is a solid bargain.

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